Wedding Salon 2 Review: Bridezilla

By Jennifer Allen |
The Good

Varied objectives to tackle

Plenty of levels

Quite challenging but not unfairly so

The Bad

An easy mode might be useful for some

Story is a bit forgettable

Weddings can be incredibly stressful and even a little chaotic to organize. I’ve never had to organize one before, but I’ve seen plenty of friends do it, and it looks occasionally terrifying. Wedding Salon 2 actually does a pretty good job of conveying the intensity that’s involved. It’s a fun and challenging time management game, and with 90 levels, it’s one that you won’t be completing very quickly.

You control the owner of a wedding boutique, keen to expand your horizons and develop a chain of stores across the world. To do so you’ll need to earn plenty of money, as well as keep your customers happy. Each time a customer arrives, they sit and wait for you to take them through the various stages they desire. At first, this is usually quite simple. For instance, they might simply want to buy a wedding gift. This involves being presented with a selection of pictures, and you pluck out the one that doesn’t match the others. Another time, you might be buying earrings for a wedding outfit with this requiring you to pick out a matching pair.


Gradually though, Wedding Salon 2 introduces new elements. Soon you’ll have to blow-dry someone’s hair, or arrange a wedding cake to their exact desires. Later comes cocktail mixing and sushi prep. Individually these tasks aren’t so hard, but juggling them all proves quite tricky. You have to keep an eye on a lot of things. You can easily run out of seats for your waiting customers, and no one likes to be left standing. Oftentimes customers have multiple requests, meaning it can take a while to simply get one patron from start to finish. It’s a constant balancing act, hastened by the gauge on top of each customer’s head, indicating that they’re getting increasingly impatient.

The key is to try to stay cool under pressure, and work meticulously in order. Practice makes perfect, of course — and you’ll need to be perfect, as often you’ll need to aim for an expert completion. Such expert completions go towards unlocking new areas of the world, whereby you can do even more of a similar task. It sounds repetitive, but it never feels that way in practice. Wedding Salon 2 is too busy to feel samey — but this also means it’s never really a relaxing experience. Not that it needs to be, but be forewarned: if you’re looking for something mellow, preparing for a wedding will never be it.


Outside of juggling so many customers, you have some assistance in the form of upgrades that can boost your chances. By earning money you can buy your way to improved efficiency. Want a seat that’s comfier and more likely to calm your customer? That’s possible. So is a speed boost for your wedding salon manager to help things go faster. There’s a wealth of possibilities here, enabling you to grind earlier levels if you get really desperate for help.

On a more aesthetics based note, you can also buy changes to your home as a kind of indication that you’re gradually getting somewhere in life. This is a relatively small thing, but it’s kind of nice and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

As one of the trickier casual time management games out there, Wedding Salon 2 might put your skills to the test. It’ll require more attention than most, but by doing so, you’ll be rewarded with an entertaining experience.

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