Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! Review

By Lisa Haasbroek |

Do wedding bells mean wedded bliss, or is bridezilla on the scene? In Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!,  it’s your job to make sure each wedding goes smoothly before the groom goes ape and the bride goes bananas. As the third installment in the hectic time management Wedding Dash series, it offers a few new twists, and lots of new levels and colorful characters, combined with plenty of frantic clicking to keep you busy.  

The plot picks up where Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World left off. Wedding planner Quinn has plans to marry photographer Joe in just two months… the only trouble is, Joe doesn’t know! Meanwhile, Cupid has failed to meet his yearly quota, and has a huge backlog of people he must get to fall in love and marry. Both are in deep trouble, so Cupid and Quinn make a deal. She’ll help him marry the other couples off, if he helps her land Joe by New Year’s Eve. Can they pull it off? And, if that’s not enough, can Cupid’s arrow make Diner Dash’s famous waitress, Flo, fall in love? 

Quinn picks some strange venues for a wedding, like the aquarium, or a barn. Before each level, you get to plan the wedding. Each couple will have certain special requirements, like a wedding that’s "simple and white," or one that includes things that remind them of the sea and sun. It’s your job to select the appropriate items that match their requests, including the proper food, decor, and  cake. In a new twist, you also need to stay within their budget, so you want to find the lowest cost items that fit. If you can keep a couple happy, you’ll earn love tokens from Cupid, which you can spend on upgrades.  

Once you’ve planned the wedding, it’s time to host the party. The most important thing is seating guests where they ask to be seated. This is shown in bubbles over their heads, and may include being seated at a specific table, next to a certain guest, or far away from another guest. If there’s no place to put them, you can seat them at the cocktail table to wait.

Once seated at a table, you need to serve them all their meals, bring them cocktails or the microphone if requested, and generally keep them happy. If you take too long to serve them, guests get angry, and you lose points. You can earn a bonus for chaining tasks, like collecting presents, in addition to special bonuses, like a flirt bonus if you seat compatible guests next to each other.  

Guests eat at different speeds, and have their own quirks. For example, Rosy is a terrible gossip, and eats twice as slow if seated next to other people. She also panics if her dog runs away, and you must find him as quickly as possible. Uncle Billy always requests double portions. The hunk likes to flirt, and the bridesmaids like to sit together in a group.  

If you manage to meet the income goal before the level is through, you advance to the next wedding. Every few levels, you play Cupid’s minigame. It’s basically a simple shooting game, which involves holding down the mouse button to gather momentum, and then releasing to shoot an arrow at your target. It’s fairly easy, so don’t worry if you’re not a fan of shooting games.  

There are so many ways to earn bonuses, but because everything is introduced gradually, it’s also easy to learn. Because there are so many unique tasks, it’s guaranteed that you can form your own unique strategies and will get faster as you play, which makes the replay value high. The character details and quirks really make the game fun.  

Think you’ve got it mastered? Like all PlayFirst dash games, you can earn online medals and compete for high scores on their website. With 55 levels and 4 reception sites, the length is great, giving you hours and hours of game play. You can also replay levels to aim for an expert score, or play in endless reception mode. The music and sound effects are simple and pleasant, and the artwork is fairly typical for the series.  

If you’re a time management fan, you won’t find much to criticize. Clicks must be precise when it comes to picking up guests and seating them at the cocktail table. While there are a few new twists, it’s fair to say it’s not drastically different from earlier Wedding Dash games. The cupid mini-game is also a bit simple and not particularly exciting. But, these are small issues, and don’t hurt the game play.   

Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! is a fun, romantic time management game that puts a new spin on waitressing. With lots of room for strategy, lots of combo moves, and plenty of tasks to manage, the pace is swift without being too frantic. If you want a challenge with a sweet theme, check it out.

For similar games, try Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World, Cake Mania 3, and Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame.

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