Weather Lord: Legendary Hero Review: Pretty Wet and Dismal

Do you like a game that keeps you constantly busy and on your toes? Then Weather Lord: Legendary Hero might be for you. But be forewarned: it gets quite repetitive after a while. Think of it as kind of like …

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Do you like a game that keeps you constantly busy and on your toes? Then Weather Lord: Legendary Hero might be for you. But be forewarned: it gets quite repetitive after a while. Think of it as kind of like a regular cleaning day in your life. You complete a few tasks, then find you have to do the same ones all over again.

The aim of the game is to appease the Weather Lord and his wife. Their vacation destination is in ruins, and only you can help them out. This is done through completing various tasks, while also wielding some weather-based talents. The problem is that while Weather Lord might see himself as something of a wizard, his gameplay is very samey.


Each level is effectively made up of a series of paths. Each of those paths are blocked by various objects. These objects can be something like a food source which can be easily picked up, or they can be something more difficult to clear such as a branch stretched across the road. Some items can be collected without using up any resources, but often you’ll need a certain amount of one type of resource in order to acquire the other. To repair a fishing hut, for instance, you must have already earned some wood by clearing debris. To clear the debris, you need to have energy which comes via food sources. There’s a circular effect here, with everything tying into each other.

The issue here is that there’s very little challenge. It’s clear what needs doing first in order to get to the next step of the long path. Also, each level can take quite a while to complete. There’s a ton of back and forth here, with you often having to simply watch as your character trundles along between positions. Any time you pick up some more resources, you have to return them to the base before you can pick up more. It’s a really slow process. Some levels even have you needing to stockpile a lot of one particular resource, such as gold, meaning your best bet is to queue up a bunch of the same activity while waiting it out for the game to eventually wrap things up. Some stages try to make things more interesting via having you work toward saving a prisoner or repairing broken statues, or even upgrading certain structures, but it’s still a matter of the same process repeated over and over again.

Where things get a little more interactive, at least, is when you use the power of weather to manipulate various things. The sun can be used to dry out deep puddles, while wind can push resources in your direction. Oftentimes, certain camps such as a logging camp or fishing area require you to use these elements to replenish the stock. You’ll have to keep an eye on these things, as there’s always new resources to pick up. Certain areas also require you to use multiple different weather elements to keep things happy, requiring a teensy bit more focus than before. It’s not very challenging, but at least it’ll give you something to do.

Weather Lord: Legendary Hero is a ton of busywork, and not really the good kind. Sometimes it just feels like a way of artificially inflating a very simple concept into something longer, but still no more fun. There are a plethora of levels available to you, so you could easily spend a ton of time working your way through them. In fact. “work” is the perfect word for this. Weather Lord: Legendary Hero lacks any real challenge or variety, leaving resource-loving gamers with much better options out there.

The good

  • Looks quite colorful and charming
  • Easy to learn

The bad

  • Very repetitive
  • Lacks challenge
50 out of 100
Jennifer is a UK-based freelance writer. Her work has featured at multiple outlets, including Gamasutra, 148apps, Paste, TechRadar, Wareable, and MyM magazine. In her spare time, she tries to teach her guinea pigs tricks, and enjoys losing hours to Netflix.