War Of Crown Review: A Decent SRPG

The Good

Looks gorgeous.

Lots of clever ideas keep things fresh.

Plenty of deep strategy to get into.

The Bad

May be a bit too complex for some.

Not the most original game in the world.

War Of Crown is the latest strategy RPG from Gamevil. It’s a big shiny production that’s dripping with quality and polish. While a glance at the app’s icon will probably give you a decent grasp of what to expect here, there’s actually some interesting additions to the formula thrown in that keep things fresh and exciting too.

It might not be the most original RPG on the market, but it doesn’t allow the foundations that it’s built on to define it too strongly. Instead it finds its own way to build, and it does it by mixing together ideas from a whole bunch of other places.

The end result isn’t going to make you fall in love with the genre, but it will give fans something to really sink their teeth into. Throw in a reasonably interesting story and plenty of reasons to jump back in on a regular basis, and you’re left with the sort of game that’s going to stick around on your homescreen for a good long while.

war of crown review

The game is all about building up a party of warriors, then taking them out into fierce grid-based battles. Different characters have different strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to build a well-balanced set of fighters if you want to succeed when things start to get tougher.

The levels are tight but well designed, with plenty of opportunity to get your fighters into interesting and helpful positions. Ranged specialists get bonuses when they’re on ground higher than their targets, so moving around is important if you want to take the bad guys out as effectively as possible.

Battles are turn-based, with the order things are going to happen in presented to you at the bottom of the screen. When it’s a character’s turn you’ve got a number of options to choose from. You can see where you can move thanks to a series of highlighted squares. Tap one and you’ll move to it.

war of crown review

Characters also have different attacks to pick from. You can tap on these to see their range and the damage they’re going to do on the target you’ve selected. If you don’t like the move you’ve made, you can tap a cross to rescind it and then have a rethink.

There’s an elemental system that means some characters are stronger against others. When you’re making your play, you can see an arrow above the head of the monster you’re trying to flog. If it’s green you’re at an advantage, orange you’re just doing your regular damage, and red you’re at a disadvantage.

You get a lot of information every time you play. There are numbers, bars, and plenty of other things to read. It adds an extra layer of strategy to the experience that some are really going to relish, and others are going to detest.

war of crown review

Everything about War of Crown is slick and well put together. I didn’t encounter any bugs or problems while I was playing, and the whole thing purrs along at an intriguing but never daunting pace. You’re walked through the basics, and as new ideas are added they’re communicated brilliantly.

And it all comes together to create an experience that it’s easy to get caught up in. There’s a brightness to War of Crown that’s intoxicating, and you’ll find yourself losing a good few hours to it when you first pick it up.

Fans of the SRPG genre are going to find an awful lot to like here. And even if you like your role playing games to have a bit more action in them, you’re still going to get something out of War of Crown.

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