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6 Waves Deals a Winning Hand With VNH Poker

If you have to ask what VNH stands for, it’s probably a safe bet that 6 Waves’ VNH Poker isn’t for you. While wildly entertaining for devoted poker fans, the game offers few tips or tutorials for those unfamiliar with the game, so it’s best to get a basic understanding of Texas Hold ‘Em from elsewhere before putting all your money on that “very nice hand.” For the initiated, however, VNH Poker offers hours of streamlined and addicting gameplay that will keep you coming back for more

VNH Poker

Social implementation here is excellent, and it’s only a matter of seconds before you’re placing your bets against other live players. Indeed, save for a sultry dealer named Vanessa, there’s no AI in the game. Tables are organized according to buy-in amounts, ranging from $1,000 for newbies to $100 million for high rollers and, after clicking on a table, you take an open seat and wait for the current round to finish before jumping in.

(At this time, there are usually twelve or more tables open at the newbie level and usually no active tables above $200,000. This is likely to change as the game’s popularity increases.)

VNH Poker

Each table can seat up to eight players, and there’s even an option to chat with other people at the table. In addition, you can express yourself through eleven different emoticons, and direct three different emoticons at other players, including the game’s eponymous VNH. By moving your mouse over a fellow player’s icon, you can read their stats for both that table and the game as a whole. Successfully adding a friend to the game nets you $10,000, as do other actions such as liking the site’s Facebook page and bookmarking the game, in addition to a daily bonus. There’s also an option to buy chips with real cash, starting at 499,000 chips for $4.99.

Gameplay is everything you’d expect from a Texas Hold ‘Em game, and VNH Poker wisely refrains from attempting to add more frills than necessary. You have 20 seconds to play your cards, which allows for fast-paced matches, and you have the expected options to call, fold, or raise your bets. In short, this is poker at its purest, complemented by a refreshingly simple and user-friendly interface that nevertheless maintains the appropriate level of visual slickness. If you’ve won with a particularly stellar hand, though, VNH allows you to brag to your friends through a video replay of the match.

While VNH Poker is perfectly enjoyable in its current state, new players need to keep in mind that this is still only a beta. Bare-bones Texas Hold ‘Em is all that players can currently play, although a “Shoot-Out” and a weekly tournament are in the works, along with a “Sit and Go” option for ten players. Also, while certainly challenging, the game’s leveling system isn’t explained in detail and many players express frustration at how seldom their levels change since the system is based on wins and losses. Since losing causes your level to decrease, players higher than level 3 are almost mythical.

VNH Poker

At the best of times, the social aspects of VNH Poker (such as the chat room) come very close to recreating the fun but intense atmosphere of Vegas poker games with utter strangers as everyone attempts to play the distraction card by chatting about other players. At the worst of times, when the players are silent, VNH Poker can almost make you feel as though you’re playing against the computer, but even then its entertainment potential is remarkably high. While VNH Poker could benefit from some tutorials and an expanded FAQ, the ease of gameplay, the exceptional social elements, and the total focus on poker alone make for a Very Nice Hand indeed.

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