Unslice Review – An Easy-Going Puzzler That’ll Kill Some Time

By Harry Slater |
The Good

A puzzler that moves at its own pace

Loads of challenges to solve

Easy to understand controls

The Bad

Not as challenging as some people might like

Art style is a bit dull


Mobile gaming offers some of the most varied puzzling experiences. There are severe head-scratchers that’ll leave you pulling out your hair, and then there are games like Unsliced. It’s a soft, easy-going game that doesn’t berate you for failure, but offers up some interesting ideas all the same.

The core concept behind Unsliced involves reconnecting broken objects. They’ve been sliced in a variety of ways and it’s up to you to manipulate them back into their original configuration.

The controls are pretty much what you’d expect. You’re swiping and tapping to move the cut up chunks around. Since the objects you’re recombining are in 3D, there’s a lot of twisting and turning to be done, as you check everything is where it should be.

Slice To See You

Early puzzles are sedate, with only a handful of slices that need popping back together. As you might imagine though, things get tougher the more you play. The game adds a flipping mechanic, and the slices get even thinner.

Unsliced is a game about visual problem solving. It stretches your brain, but rarely tugs at it in any particularly challenging ways. It’s the sort of game to while away a rainy afternoon with – it won’t grab your attention, but it’ll hold it gently and let you solve its puzzles at your own pace.

There are faster and more furious puzzlers out there, and there are simpler ones too. Unsliced inhabits an interesting middle ground, and it does it really rather well. Its gently curving difficulty, easy mechanics and large amount of puzzles are going to keep a good few people entertained for a long time.

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