Toy Factory Review

Toy Factory lets you operate a charming retro toy store and manufacture classic 50s-style toys to sell.

Toy Factory is from Fuel Games, a company that might be a first-time Facebook game publisher but is reputed to be the developer of PlayFirst’s excellent Chocolatier: Sweet Society. Toy Factory certainly plays a lot like Chocolatier, using a similar basic gameplay style where you manufacture goods in a factory and then sell those goods in a customized, personality store. Toy Factory has you making classic, retro-style toys and uses a retro 50s aesthetic for the entire user interface. Moreso than most Facebook games, Toy Factory is a game that looks very appealing on even the most mundane levels.

Toy Factory stumbles a bit when it comes to gameplay, though. While Toy Factory is very sharp-looking and suffers from virtually no problems with stability or lag, the gameplay is a bit lacking. Imagine Chocolatier with far less variety and you’ve pretty much got Toy Factory. Where you can make upwards of a half-dozen different kinds of chocolate in Chocolatier, Toy Factory restricts you to making two types of toys for a terribly long time (and one of them is so much better than the other, you should really just make that).

Toy Factory

In Chocolatier, there was a good reason to make many different types of chocolates. Most customers had definite preferences and would only want to buy certain things. A well-balanced store needed to sell many different types of chocolate, not just whatever was optimal. The kid customers in Toy Factory are far less choosy and simply don’t seem to have any preferences. Instead it feels more like every customer is definitely going to buy something from your store if they bother to enter at all.

Toy Factory

The main feature available in Toy Factory that Chocolatier lacked is the ability to decorate your toy factory. Your chocolate factory in Chocolatier only offered decorative chocolate-making machines. In Toy Factory, you can decorate the floor and walls of your factory with basically the same extensive library of options available for your store. Basically, you can use the Toy Factory factory customization to build something akin to the over-the-top toy factory from the Robin Williams film Toys. That’s a nice touch that’s exactly what should be available in this sort of game.

Toy Factory

Toy Factory is not a bad game, but it would be much better if you could customize your avatar a bit more and sell a broader variety of toys… and, really, if it was more like Chocolatier. That said, not everyone likes chocolate, and some players may find the toy theme or Toy Factory’s visuals appealing for their own sake. Viewed on its own merits, Toy Factory is fun if not engrossing, but its gameplay is solid enough that it’s a game that can easily improve in future updates as more content is added.

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