Touch Pets Dogs 2 Review

It’s a little familiar, but Touch Pets Dogs 2 still scratches that animal loving itch.

Dog people rejoice: the Touch Pets series has once again returned to the domain of canines with Touch Pets Dogs 2. The sequel eschews the career path that helped make the original somewhat unique, and instead follows in the footsteps of Touch Pets Cats. The result is an enjoyable, if somewhat familiar experience that remains one of the best ways to keep a puppy in your pocket.

As always, you begin the game in the pet store where you’ll need to pick out your very first adorable little puppy. There are a number of different breeds to choose from, including German Shepherds, Jack Russells, and Chihuahuas. Once you’ve selected a companion it’s time to take them home. And with the career path no longer part of the game, your only goals are to earn money, improve your house, and, of course, keep your new little friend happy.

Touch Pets Dogs 2

Keeping your dog happy means ensuring that all of their needs are met. Puppy needs are divided into three categories — care, play, and social — each of which is further broken down into specific needs. Satisfying these needs is pretty simple. If the dog is hungry, you feed it. If it wants to fetch, you throw a stick. If it needs to go out, you open up the back door. Each need has its own task to go with it, some of which are fun, others not so much. Being able to play with your puppy by controlling a miniature airplane, for example, is much more enjoyable than having to use the poop bags. But a happy dog will literally shed experience points, allowing you to unlock additional content.

Just like in Cats, Touch Pets Dogs 2 lets you earn money through your furniture. It doesn’t make much sense, but it’s a way of keeping you coming back to the game. Different pieces of furniture will yield coins are different intervals, and if you wait too long the coins will spoil and disappear. Not only does this encourage you to regularly come back to the game, but also to buy additional furniture, as more furniture equals more money. And as with most freemium games, there’s also a second form of currency in the form of dog bones. These you can earn over time, but very slowly. Not surprisingly, you can also buy them with real world money.

Touch Pets Dogs 2

Bones are used for buying certain items and speeding up the coin retrieval process. Regular coins, meanwhile, are used for more than just furniture. You can also buy new toys, food, grooming products, and even clothes to dress up your little pooch. If you’re one of those people, that is. You can even buy new dogs to add to your pack once you raise enough funds.

As with its predecessors, Touch Pets Dogs 2 has a strong social component. You can visit your friends’ homes or have them visit yours, going on virtual puppy play dates. Not only does this add a fun multiplayer component to the game, but it’s also key to keeping your dog happy. You can only satisfy their social needs by playing with other people.

Those who loved the career goals of the original will be disappointed, as Touch Pets Dogs 2 goes in a different direction, focusing entirely on taking care of your pet. But if you ever looked at Touch Pets Cats longingly, wishing you could play that style of game with a dog, you’re in luck as that’s exactly what this is. It’s a little familiar, but it still scratches that animal loving itch.

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