Toki Tori Review

He looks like a chicken, but Toki Tori is one brave bird. He's a fearless feathered friend on a mission to fetch his fettered eggs from bad guys like porcupines, hedgehogs and other prickly enemies. From the first moment he blinks his cute little eyes, you'll find Toki Tori is an adorable puzzle platformer that delivers hours of scratch-your-head, puzzle-solving fun.

Does Toki Tori look familiar? Well, that's because Toki Tori has already been popular on both Gameboy and the Wii. Knowing that, I was skeptical that the iPhone version of the game was perhaps a hastily prepared 'port,' but boy was I wrong. The controls in Toki Tori for the iPhone are precise and beautifully tuned for the touch-sensitive device. I found that I could easily navigate the little yellow bird exactly where I wanted him to go, which is not the most common experience in iPhone games.

To get Toki Tori from point A to point B, all you need to do is touch the final destination. Toki Tori figures out the rest on his own. The touch sensitivity of the controls is highly accurate. In later levels, you'll be delighted to have the ability to control your feathered friend down to what seems to be pixel-perfect accuracy. Sometimes the difference between life and death is only a pixel or two. You escape danger by enacting a variety of tools, which are located on a toolbar that is always visible. Just tapping an item activates it.

Never a dull moment, our little yellow bird must traverse 80 stages of increasingly mind-boggling puzzles and baddies to rescue lost eggs. Your goal is to help Toki Tori find all of those eggs. To rescue an egg, all he needs to do is brush up against it. Sounds simple? Nothing could be further from the truth. Toki Tori is very limited in the things he can do. Sure, you've got special powers like instant bridges, ice guns, warps, rocks, and slug suckers, but this little guy can work himself into a pickle like you've never seen. Figuring out the best way to utilize these 'helps' with environmental puzzles is the core of Toki Tori, and a delightful core it is.

Did I mention the graphics and soundtrack are top notch? There is really very little to complain about when a game is this well done. I loved the character art, especially the little touches like the idle animations while Toki Tori is waiting for you, the player, to return to action. Its little elements and attention to detail that make Toki Tori a joy to experience. The unique soundtrack is full of mirth and perfectly suited to the egg-saving mission of the game.

As you help him traverse 4 different unlockable worlds, you become immersed in Toki Tori's universe. It's a rare game indeed that can transport me into a fantasy existence where I forget my daily routine and I find myself excited about the next opportunity to use the 'slug sucker' or 'telewarp' tool! It's a little pricey at $4.99, but Toki Tori just keeps on giving, way beyond the fun factor of the lower priced offerings in the app store. In many ways, you might say Toki Tori is an egg-straordinary value!

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