Tiki Boom Boom Review

By Joel Brodie |

f you think you’ve got it takes to defeat the nasty Tabu to become the Tiki Master, then you might want to try using your Boom-Boom Boulder. What’s that, you ask? Nope, no one left the cap off the glue at the Gamezebo office.

This all won’t make sense to you unless you’ve clicked through a few rounds of Tiki Boom Boom, a new game that challenges you to face off against primal evil in seven tropical islands.

In Tiki Boom Boom, players are presented with a grid of Tabu pieces, which look like square stone idols with menacing faces, but they’re surrounded by many “normal” squares which range in color: red, blue, yellow, green or cyan. Your goal is to shoot colored pieces onto the board (horizontally or vertically) so that five or more same-colored square pieces are touching on the board. Successfully doing so removes the adjoined squares to help clear the path for the Tabu piece, which requires you to smash it by firing a game piece in its direction.

When you clear the board of all Tabu pieces, you advance to the next screen with a tougher board layout.

As if this weren’t challenging enough – as one slip of the mouse can further block the Tabu pieces you need to expose – you only have a limited amount of time to remove all the Tabu pieces for the board or else it’s game over.

At least Tiki Boom Boom is a simple game to control: Just move the mouse around the outside of the game grid until a horizontal or vertical path is highlighted, indicating where your colored piece will end up. Click the left mouse button to fire it. Your next three pieces are shown in the bottom left corner of the screen, so it’s advisable to keep an eye on which pieces are up next so you can plan your moves (think Tetris).

As gamers progress through the game, new power-up pieces will become accessible: Wild Tiki pieces, which turns into whatever color it touches; Golden Tiki pieces, which removes all the Tabu within its blast zone; a Boom-Boom Boulder, which removes one normal piece in its path; and a Boom-Boom Bomb, which removes all normal pieces in its blast zone.

In the main Adventure mode, players can work their way up to become Tiki Master of the islands by ridding all the boards of Tabu. The Classic mode lets gamers tackle a hundred custom levels, while the Relaxed mode takes away the time limit per board. In total, Tiki Boom Boom offers 300 levels.

New background art rewards players as they hop from island to island in the Adventure mode, but let’s be honest here – Tiki Boom Boom is not a looker. Sure, the game is fun and can get quite challenging, but it ain’t loaded with eye candy.

Overall, however, this downloadable diversion is an ideal pick for those looking for an easy-to-pick-up game to whittle away the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon or while slacking at the office.

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