The Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues Review

The search for the Serpent of Isis continues in this sequel

In The Serpent of Isis – Your Journey Continues you will return to your role of Robert Higgens and continue your grandfather’s research. When the game first opens you are about to meet with Professor Thomas Penroy regarding the message your grandfather left in the obelisk in London during your previous adventure, The Serpent of Isis. You discover, however, that Penroy has been kidnapped! Prior to being abducted, he was able to leave you a hidden message stating that he is in danger and, should anything happen to him, you are to continue his research into finding the tomb of Isis. With that, your adventure begins.

Even though the introduction seems to be standard for this genre, The Serpent of Isis – Your Journey Continues has a story that is interesting and should keep you engaged. The gameplay is a combination of hidden object scenes, inventory puzzles and standard puzzles. There are seven chapters in the game and the first six chapters are quite long. You will visit numerous locations, from your grandfathers home in Paris to a Tuscan village to a train traveling across the country. There is easily more than six hours worth of game play.

 Your Journey Continues

There are two modes of play in The Serpent of Isis – Your Journey Continues, casual and advanced. In the advanced mode there will be fewer hints regarding where to click and your hints will refresh slower. Each chapter has a different special item to find and when you find one you will be rewarded with an additional hint. If you find all of the special items you will be given two extra hints. If you run out of hints the hint meter will recharge over time.

While The Serpent of Isis – Your Journey Continues has its strengths, it also has its issues. The inventory system is incredibly clunky and sensitive. There is a suitcase at the bottom right of the screen that opens the inventory at the top of the screen. You can also open it by clicking at the top of the screen, but you must click in a very specific location. Once the inventory is open and you select an item the inventory bar closes. Also, if you use the wrong item or click incorrectly the item disappears and you will have to reselect it.

You will be accessing your inventory often, as that is where the hints for the puzzles are located. While you have a journal, it does not keep track of your notes. It provides you with a map, which allows for quick travel between locations, and it also tracks how many special items you have found in each chapter. You will have snapshots in your inventory that you will need to reference during the puzzles and, with the inventory continuously closing, this can get tiresome after a time.

 Your Journey Continues

Another problem is that, while there are puzzles scattered throughout the game, there are no instructions provided for them. You will have to use trial and error to figure out what you are expected to do. The hint system will provide some help for puzzles, but not much. You do have the option of skipping the puzzles at a penalty of twenty minutes to your final time.

However, The Serpent of Isis – Your Journey Continues is predominately a hidden object game and there are a lot of hidden object scenes. The graphics are very well done and the items in the scenes fit the time period. However, many of the scenes are of the classic junk pile variety. This can make it difficult to find some of the smaller items like bugs and screws…you will be looking for both of those items often. There is also the occasional translation problem and the item you are looking for is not exactly what is listed (such as a paper clip actually being a binder clip).

In spite of these issues The Serpent of Isis – Your Journey Continues is still a fun game to play. The length of the game and the production values make it an excellent value and it’s definitely worth giving the demo a try.

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