The Sequence Review: Puzzle By Numbers

The Good

It's a great challenge for puzzle veterans.

The gameplay is deep, yet simpleD in concept.

The Bad

The visual and audio style is a bit too bland.

Puzzle games are a dime a dozen on mobile devices. Some are very good, but most miss the mark in some way. The Sequence manages to fall somewhere between the two. It does something fairly new, but at the expense of any deep connection to the premise. I know that I probably shouldn’t be looking for any deep emotional connection to a puzzle game, but when titles like Monument Valley and even the classic Tetris pull on my heartstrings, is it so much to ask?

The premise of the Sequence is simple. You’re tasked with moving a glowing ball (the Binary Cell) from one point to another. To do so you must use a variety of modules which work in different ways to transport the ball to its destination. These modules must activate in a certain sequence (get it?) so they can all play their roles in the correct way. So not only do you have to make sure the correct modules are in the correct location, but that they are acting at the right time.

The Sequence Playfield 2

These puzzles start off fairly easy, with modules that simply push or pull the ball to its goal. Soon though, you’ll begin using modules that rotate the ball (or other modules), modules that turn other modules on and off, and modules that speed other modules up. This leads to some truly mind-bending puzzles that will have you stumped for hours. There is admittedly a great sense of satisfaction that comes from finally getting that little glowing ball to the goal. This delicate interplay of modules is what makes up the core of the gameplay.

But while gameplay itself is well done, the presentation comes off as a bit too bland. I wasn’t expecting a circus of a production in the Sequence, but listening to the same generic sounding techno music and staring at the same dark graphics didn’t do much in the way of making the game compelling to play.


The basics are fun, but it would have been nice to see a little bit of atmosphere to make things colorful or tell a story.

Complaints about the presentation aside, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense puzzler, the Sequence’s price can’t be beat. For just a dollar you’ll get more than 50 levels, ranging from easy to absolutely frustrating. I wholeheartedly recommend this game for puzzle buffs. It’s perfect for the kind of person that likes to do Sudoku or other logic puzzles. And while it’s a great challenge for those who are old hat at this type of thing, the Sequence is more than accessible enough for people that are new to the world of brain twisters.

But if you’re a gamer who likes more story in their puzzle than actual puzzle? The Sequence doesn’t have much to offer. Aficionados of The Room or Monument Valley won’t find their next favorite here.

I for one enjoyed it, despite its noticeable blandness. The Sequence is a unique spin on the mobile puzzler, and I hope that developer One Man Band Games refines the design and continues the trip down the entertaining road they’ve started on.

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