The Pyraplex Review

By Mike Rose |
The Good

Experiments with the regular Kairosoft formula wonderfully. Building your pyramid exactly as you want it is great fun. Always plenty to do.

The Bad

Text boxes need fixing.

Kairosoft serves up yet another winner with The Pyraplex

The Pyraplex looks a lot like Mega Mall Story to begin with, but rapidly shows itself to be something completely new and different from Kairosoft. We’re not sure how the studio keeps managing to churn out greatness, but we’re not going to complain either.

You are in charge of a pyramid, and it’s up to you to make sure that visitors are coming through the big stone doors and spending lots of moolah, such that you can continue to expand your pointy haven and make even more money.

The PyraplexThe Pyraplex

The pyramid has numerous floors, and you need to make sure you fill each with a variety of shops and amenities for your patrons to look at. But besides this, you also need to pay attention to your staff numbers, and make sure they are keeping the boat rocking.

There’s a much larger focus on staff than in the usual Kairosoft game, as there are plenty of different jobs for them to take care of. Shops don’t just appear instantly, and must be constructed out of stone that your staffers lug around. The stone comes from a huge cliff to the right of your pyramid, and that needs quarrying by your staff too. There’s also the need to provide services for your visitors in return for heart points.

On the topic of the big stonewall, this is another major part of the game. As you break the wall down, you’ll receive not only stone, but also extra things hidden in the wall. Plus, as you break the wall down, it’ll leave more room for you to expand your pyramid.

The Pyraplex

This is just scraping the surface of how The Pyraplex expands on past Kairosoft games. More examples include a mission and stamp system, which guides you perfectly through the game while also unlocking new shops and staff for your pyramid, and special events and festivals that occur throughout play.

You’ve got plenty of pyramid-based actions to deal with too, such as keeping cobras away from your shoppers, making sure mummies are satisfied with their purchases, and placing special capstones on top of your pyramid to bring in “pyramid power”.

And this is without even mentioning the brilliant way in which you can shape your pyramid however you like, choosing to give it a cool slanted look, or making it perfectly symmetrical so as to please the Pyramid Association commitee at the end of the year.

The Pyraplex

As you can probably tell, we like The Pyraplex rather a lot. If only there weren’t text box issues – by which the text hasn’t been aligned properly and regularly scrolls off the screen, meaning you can’t read it all – we may well have called this the perfect Kairosoft title.

If you’re a Kairosoft fan, this really will tickle your fancy. Grab, play, be happy – but watch out for the snake bites.

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