The Moron Test Review

How much money would you pay for a few minutes of entertainment? If the answer is a dollar, then The Moron Test fits the bill. This set of brain-teasers designed to test your problem-solving abilities is great fun while it lasts – the problem is that it can be mastered less than half an hour and there’s no real replay value.

The game offers no preamble or tutorial, merely a set of intertwined challenges that test your brain power, and occasionally your reflexes. Tasks include touching colored dots in the right order, cracking eggs from left to right, and selecting the correct word from pairs. Challenges become increasingly tricky – and ingenious – as you go along. One challenge in particular had me stumped for a good 10 minutes, but when I realized the solution I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at the game’s cleverness.

You get a limited number of “lives” where you’re permitted to start from a checkpoint, but if you run out you’ll have to go back to the very beginning. It’s not like starting from the beginning is a very big deal, though. There are no variations to the challenges, and they’re always in the same order, so once you’ve figured out what to do you can easily blow through them. In fact, once you’ve figured out all of the puzzles, the entire series can be repeated in a couple of minutes. At this point, the only replay value is trying to beat your time.

While there’s a community dedicated to trying to post the fastest time for bragging rights, it somewhat defeats the purpose of the game as a brain-tester and turns it into an arcade game to see who has the fastest reflexes.

At 99 cents it’s really hard to complain about a game’s length, but it’s also impossible to ignore the fact that there are much meatier games on the App store. The Moron Test is a fun collection of brainteasers, but lacks long-term replay value unless the developers are planning to release regular updates with new puzzles.

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