Teddy Factory Review

Who knew running a toy factory could be so much work?

You’ll quickly learn this to be true after spending time with Teddy Factory, the latest downloadable casual game on the scene that is as challenging as it is fun.

And talk about addictive – despite the fact this game is tough to progress through, it’s nearly impossible to put down.

In Teddy Factory, you decide to take a job at a toy company to make teddy bears for kids in an orphanage. You’re on the assembly line and watch as teddy bear body parts travel down a winding conveyor belt. You must attach six body parts of the same color – head, torso, arms and legs – to make a complete bear, which then gets snatched by mechanical claws and dropped into a box. If the bear parts near the end of the conveyor belt, an alarm sounds, so you can quickly put these bears parts together or else it’s game over.

Over time, gamers will travel to bigger and more complex factories to make new toys (such as plush elephants and pigs). Your goal is to work your way up the corporate ladder so you gain bigger and better positions.

Players use the mouse to click a body part on the assembly line – such as a pink left leg — and then must click other pink body parts to compete the task; if all the necessary parts aren’t seen on the conveyor belt, players can begin assembling other bears until the body part you need appears.

Power-ups will appear from time to time, such as one that slows down the belt, another that temporarily reverses it, a shiny question mark that turns into a body part you need or a magnet that pulls together a nearby body part for you. Power-ups may be two pieces that must be snapped together (by clicking them, one after another) or may be a single object on the assembly line.

Every so often, players can also construct a special teddy bear such as an Elvis Bear or Cowboy Bear, which appears in the player’s Trophy Room.

In total, the game offers 45 levels in the Quest mode. A Survival mode skips the story and just takes place in just one factory.

As fun and addictive Teddy Factory is – so much in fact you may see colored body parts forming behind your eyelids when in bed – the game can get increasingly difficult fast (even on the Medium difficulty setting). Not only does the action speed up quickly, which makes it harder to compile your toys in time, but after you’ve been demoted down to Apprentice, it’s game over, and you must start at the beginning of the factory all over again (e.g. starting at level 11 on Factory 2 even if you’re at level 15). Ouch!

Quite simply, Teddy Factory is one of the more enjoyable and engrossing games to come around in a long while. Yes, it’s tough and a bit unfair, but making these cute toys proves to be a blast…and hey, the orphans deserve them!

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