Tasty Tadpoles Review

Who knew being a tadpole was so much fun?

Tadpoles may not look tasty to humans, but to everything that lives in the pond they might as well be chocolate cake. Tasty Tadpoles is a clever little arcade game by Mark White that is one of the most pleasantly simple iOS games around. And despite the name, we’re pretty sure no tadpoles are actually harmed during the game, despite being eaten over and over again.

Tasty Tadpoles puts you in control of Taddy, a young tadpole who just wants to stay alive and swim around the pond. Bigger tadpoles, turtles, logs, and plenty of other obstacles stand in his way, however, so you’ve got to help him swim safely to the goal. Tap the screen and Taddy darts to that location. Move around the water and gather all three stars, then head to the exit as quickly as you can. Everything may look adorable, but it’s a dangerous world out there!

Enemies in Tasty Tadpoles come in a variety of types and sizes. Some of the more basic ones include green tadpoles who swim in their own little patterns and only bother Taddy if he happens to bump into them. Yellow tadpoles, on the other hand, sit in place until Taddy swims by, at which point they start following him around, ready to pounce the moment he pauses. You’ll even have to deal with hungry long-necked turtles during your swimming adventures. The variety of enemies keeps the experience fresh for a long time, and once you start protecting yourself with bubbles and nudging logs around with your tiny tadpole nose, you’ll be completely hooked.

Tasty Tadpoles

In addition to Taddy you can unlock three additional characters to use, each with their own special ability. The first character, Tito, can be obtained by simply telling a friend about the game via e-mail or Facebook. Tito’s ability forces tadpoles to spit him out the first time they eat him (he’s spicy, you see), giving you an extra life. The other two characters, Turnip and Tilbert, are a bit more challenging to unlock, but their special abilities are worth the effort.

If normal mode isn’t difficult enough for you, try switching to puzzle mode. Here, the levels are laid out the same, only now you’ve got a limit on the number of taps you can use to jet around the pond. Complete the level under par time and you’ll nab a golden lily pad.

Tasty Tadpoles

Tasty Tadpoles features 75 levels in all: twice that amount if you include puzzle mode challenges. While progressing through the stages is fun in its own right, you also have sets of achievements to unlock. Most of them are simple enough to be unlocked during normal play, but a few require some more creative acts. Hints are given to help complete the challenges, so you’re never left in the dark.

It’s hard to find fault with a game like Tasty Tadpoles. Everything it does it does well, and it doesn’t try to add unnecessary elements like mini-games, in-app purchases, or other gimmicks. This, combined with its friendly artwork and simple layout, makes it a fantastic game for adults and children alike. Tasty Tadpoles is easy to play and impossible not to enjoy!

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