Tap Pet Hotel Review

Tap Pet Hotel is like Hotel City, only with baby dragons

If you ever found yourself wishing that more cuddly animals would come and visit your Hotel City hotel, then Tap Pet Hotel will be right up your alley. It follows the same basic formula as Hotel City, and it ups the cute factor considerably thanks to your new clientele. But since the game it aims to emulate was pretty average to begin with, and Tap Pet Hotel doesn’t really do a whole lot new, it’s not quite the experience it could’ve been.

The game is all about managing a pet hotel. You’re given a big piece of real estate, which you can expand as you progress, and the idea is that you just keep building, piling new rooms on top of old ones as your hotel reaches further towards the sky. Your main money makers are the pet rooms, each of which houses a different kind of animal ranging from puppies to baby pandas to surprisingly cuddly little dragons. These rooms periodically earn you money, so you’ll have to return regularly to collect your cash.

Tap Pet Hotel Tap Pet Hotel

There are also rooms with specific functions, such as feeding or bathing the animals, and you can add decorations and room connectors as well. All of these will help keep your hotel highly rated. And this is where we come to the main problem with Tap Pet Hotel: it’s just too expensive.

Like most social games, there are two types of currency in the game: the cash you collect while playing and the premium, for-pay dog bones. Aside from the pet rooms, virtually every item or room in the game either costs a prohibitively expensive amount of cash or dog bones. So you’ll either need to play—and save!—for a long time, or fork up some real money to buy virtually everything that’s not a pet room.

Tap Pet Hotel also has the most basic of social features. You can visit a neighbor, which in actuality is simply another random player, and check out their hotel. While there, the only thing you can do is pick up trash outside which will earn you a handful of coins. There’s no gifting, no trading. Nothing.

Tap Pet Hotel Tap Pet Hotel

One place where the game does shine, though, is visually. Especially when it comes to the various animals that come through the doors. Every creature stays perpetually young, cute, and cuddly. The cartoon art style is vibrant and full of personality. It says something about how good it looks when the game makes you want to give a bear or a dragon a big fat hug.

If it weren’t for the game’s overly expensive economy and dearth of social features, Tap Pet Hotel has the potential to be a really solid social game. But right now it’s decidedly average. It’s the kind of game you’ll pop in for a minute or two a day, and then forget about because it’s simply not that engaging. Cute animals can only do so much.

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