Take me Home Review

By Mike Rose |

Take Me Home is a cute physics-based puzzler with levels and replay value galore

Both the App Store and the Android Marketplace have been inundated with physics-based puzzlers as of late, with a constant stream of developers trying to achieve the level of fame and glory that the iconic Angry Birds has so rightfully afforded itself. Take Me Home is simple in its design and at first glance not all that unique or clever, yet once you get into it, there’s just no way to stop. The addiction factor is there, and there’s plenty of reason to replay old levels for more points.

Bubu is a small round creature who has been separated from his home. On each level, you need to set up a path so that when Bubu starts rolling, he’ll grab as many coins as possible and end up in the comfort of his leafy habitat.

Our hero can be moved around in a number of ways. He’ll start by rolling forward, and can then be flung around using boosts, grabbed and dropped by insects, and smashed through panes of glass. You need to set up the level for him by dragging boosts around and placing them down where you think is right, then touching him at the right moment to set him rolling.

Take me Home

There are no fixed ways to complete each level, and as long as Bubu reaches the plant, you can tackle them however you want. This open-ended feeling is great, as sometimes you’ll find yourself completing a level is a seriously slick or silly way and have a good laugh about it.

Each level has four coins in it, and you’ll need to collect these to unlock more worlds later in the game. However, you don’t need to collect all these in one go – indeed, on most levels this is actually impossible.

Hence, you need to work out multiple different ways to complete levels in order to grab all the coins. Being forced to look at levels from multiple perspectives is a clever method for adding replay value to the action, and essentially double (and sometimes triples) how much time you may usually have spent on a level.

If you’re stuck and can’t work out how to grab a particular coin, it’s possible to spend coins on seeing all the different hint paths for each level. This may sound crazy, but it’s impossible to understand how addictive it is to fully complete levels is until you actually give the game a go. Getting all four coins on each level soon becomes an obsession.

Take Me Home is colorful and vibrant. Both menus and levels are presented well, and it’s easy to get back into a game with just a few touches on the screen. It’s also very easy to pick up and play in short bursts, or in lengthier sessions.

Take me Home

One issue we found was that when moving boosts around the screen, your finger completely covers what you’re placing, and so precision placing is completely out of the question and becomes a trial and error case of putting your finger down, moving it slightly, and hoping that the boost underneath is in the right place.

The issue with running out of coins can potentially ruin the game too. If you use too many coins to skip levels or see hints, it’s possible that you may not be able to progress any further. The only way to get more coins at that point is to sign up for offers and download other games, but we’re really not comfortable with doing that, and we’d guess most gamers wouldn’t be either.

Take Me Home may not be the next Angry Birds, but it’s sure to fill several hours of your time with its cute, puzzling action. You’ve got every reason to check this one out.

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