Swipe Me Out Review: Little Adventure, Big Fun

The Good

Super simple gameplay that tests players' reflexes.

Dozens of cute critters to collect.

IAPs are very reasonably-prices.

The Bad

Requires a lot of focus for high-scores.

Sometimes the best gaming experiences come in the smallest packages. Case-in-point: Swipe Me Out. Much like the most popular mobile games, Swipe Me Out employs just basic movement controls (primarily the titular swiping) — but by no means is Swipe Me Out a walk in the park.

Swipe Me Out focuses on a small critter (of your choice) attempting to escape a dangerous dungeon. When your critter enters a new room in the dungeon, you’ll have just seconds to locate the only escape and make your exit before lava comes pouring into the room and instantly kills you. The trick is that the way out is not always in the opposite direction as the lava is flowing, nor the opposite direction from where you entered the room. Ultimately, Swipe Me Out is a test of your reflexes where cute little critters suffer for your lack thereof.

This challenge is intensified because as each room is completed, the velocity of the lava flow increases. Your reflexes are quickly strained, especially when you come across traps. These traps decrease your window of opportunity to successfully exit a room by causing you to wait them out. At this point, your movements are absolutely crucial, as there is no room for error.

Swipe Me Out review
See those holes? Yeah, that’s a spike trap.

As you journey deeper into the game’s dungeons, you’ll pick up coins that you can save towards unlocking a new, randomly selected critter. On top of that, there are daily rewards for playing just one run that give you enough gold to instantly unlock a new critter.

You’ll really have to focus on Swipe Me Out to do well at the game. This isn’t the sort of game that you can play while casually holding a conversation with someone or watching some on Netflix. Nor is it the sort of game you’ll kill a large amount of time with at once. Cumulatively, I see myself putting a good amount of time into this game, but only in two or three minute chunks.

Swipe Me Out is very much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience. If you don’t particularly care for quick-play reflex-based action, nor care much for collecting around 40 of the cutest critters imaginable, the game just isn’t going to have much to offer you.

Swipe Me Out review

If this is your style though, you’ll be happy to know that you can play much as you like in one sitting with very minimal interruption. There are occasionally pop-up ads, but they are unobtrusive (barring the fact that you have to click the X to close them), infrequent, and only show up between games. You can pay a very reasonable $1.99 to remove all ads from the game, and paying $2 more unlocks all the critters in the game. And those are all the IAP options players will have to consider. I love it.

Swipe Me Out is a simple game with simple rules, simple IAP options, and is, simply, very fun. I’ve said it many times before, and still stand by it: these sort of quick-play games are the best genre to play on mobile devices, and Swipe Me Out solidifies that claim even further. Go play this game.

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