Super Granny 6 Review

By Mike Rose |

Super Granny 6 doesn’t stray far from the original formula, providing plenty of platform-orientated puzzling

Who would have thought that Granny would make it this far, eh? Some gaming heroes don’t make it past their first release, let alone received six instalments. Yet here she is, back to her old Chuckie Egg style cat-saving tricks.

Super Granny 6 throws even more locations, power-ups and little lost felines your way, along with a meaty level editor for building your own death-traps and sharing them with the world. While Granny’s latest trip is more or less similar to her past outings, the premise is beginning to grow a little tired, and many of the series past issues continue to rear their heads.

Granny is lazing about in the park with her cats, when one of her pets wanders off. Granny chases him, and they both fall down a hole and discover a strange underground land. Granny sets off on a mission to escape from the dangerous world and rescue all her cats at the same time.

On each of the game’s 150 levels, you are presented with a set of platforms, ladders, hanging poles and other such methods of getting around. Cats are scattered all over the place, and need to be collected and delivered to the exit door. Simply walk past a cat, and it will follow behind you until you pass the exit.

Not every cat is immediately accessible however, and you will need to make sure of a variety of pick-ups such as digging holes with your shovel, swinging across gaps with your whip and throwing items at enemies from your handbag. Most items come with a time limit, so time is always of the essence.

Super Granny 6

Super Granny 6 would be an all-out puzzler were it not for the inclusion of enemies. Various beasties will run in your direction and cause a one-hit KO on Granny. The main method for stopping your foes is to dig a hole and walk them fall in, although later on is becomes necessary to implement other tactics too.

This combination of puzzles and action gives the game a real edge, as you need to carefully balance the timing of your item use with the surrounding baddies. Bonus points are also awarded for bringing home multiple cats at once, so working out the perfect route around each level to maximise points can be great fun.

The action expands out later on in play, with switches shifting the level in multiple directions to reveal even more cats to bag. Super Granny 6 is quite a lengthy title, and it will take the average gamer a good week to see it all through.

The game is caked in personality, with Granny’s constant mumblings proving to be hilarious stuff. She’ll shout at enemies, call for her kitties and make comments about how things were “back in her day.” The voice work is excellent, although some of the phrases are repeated a little too often.

Although Super Granny 6 is enjoyable for a short while, it soon becomes rather tedious. If a cat becomes a cropper by falling down a hole or into some horrible substance, its position will reset and you’ll have to go back and save it again. Since all the cats will follow behind you at the same distance, this means that every cat you have collected will fall down a hole at the same time, resetting every single one of them.

Watching this happen is disheartening, and on certain levels we had it happen multiple times, making us wish we could skip to the next. Unfortunately, levels must be tackled one at a time, so if you find a particular irritating level, you’re forced to beat it.

The pacing feels a little too slow-moving as well, especially on some of the later levels where the worlds are big and the level design isn’t too solid. It doesn’t help that we came across a few bugs here and there, the main one being that sometimes digging a hole would just not work. We’d dig a pit for an incoming enemy to fall down, and Granny would finish digging only for the gap to fill up again instantly.

A level editor provides enough reason to keep plugging away for a while long, as you can create whole worlds and share them online for your friends to try out. The process is simple and easy-to-understand, meaning anyone can have a go at building his or her own level of doom.

Super Granny 6 doesn’t add much to the original formula, but still provides an enjoyable experience that will challenge even the most avid gamer. Those who are wondering whether the challenging level design will impede their enjoyment should give the demo a download.

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