Sunshine Bay Review

Relaxing fun under the city-building sun

Nothing like a seaside getaway! Too bad you’re not here to soak up the rays. Sunshine Bay puts you in the managerial shoes at a resort where people come to kick back and relax. It’s your job to make sure their basic needs are met, sending them on pleasure cruises and providing shopping centers to turn your piece of oceanfront property into a bustling economical juggernaut!

Sunshine Bay is a serene building sim that only looks complex on the surface. The basic goal is to send visitors out on voyages and use the money you earn to expand your shoreline town. A bigger town, in turn, allows you to build bigger and better boats, creating a feedback loop that (hopefully) ends in a bustling, successful resort.

Sunshine Bay

Click on the icons at the bottom of the screen to add new structures or check your warehouse contents. When passengers arrive or boats need tending to, an alert appears above them on the map. Click, collect any icons that pop out, and then repeat! You should keep as many ships out to sea as your piers can support, so always have one eye on expansion while the other monitors potential passengers.  Much like any simulation game, you’ll also receive missions to complete. They range from building orders to quick voyages out to sea. Quests earn you cash and increase your level ranking, giving you access to more buildings and boats.

There’s a lot of stuff to build in Sunshine Bay. It starts with basic houses, bungalows, villas, and townhouses created to hold guests. You also need to construct port buildings like docks, piers, and terminals. And what’s a seaside getaway without cruises? Build boats to fill your docks, and then keep them constantly running so your visitors are happy and spending money. Then there are basic commercial buildings, industries like power plants and solar generators, and decorations to spruce up the place. No shortage of options, but variety in this case is a very good thing.

Sunshine Bay

There are a good handful of numbers you have to keep track of in Sunshine Bay. Passengers need places to stay, which means more housing units. More houses means more electricity will be needed. Keep track of that balance as you monitor fuel and coins, as well. Coins are your basic currency, spent to buy and upgrade things, but you can also drop some gold to shorten building wait times. Fuel is spent to make voyages, but you can use extra fuel to make ships go faster. All of these can be supplemented by spending real cash in the microtransactions marketplace. Sunshine Bay does a good job pacing itself so you never feel obligated to do so, however.

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