Stardoll Review

Stardoll is a promising dress-up game that’s missing some key features

Stardoll is a virtual paper doll/design game where you create an avatar and then everything else is up to you. You can build an immense wardrobe, decorate your home any way you wish, and create your own clothing designs. You have quite a bit of freedom in the game, but figuring out how to do things can prove rather difficult.

Stardoll has been around for some time, but has recently been ported to Facebook. If you have played Stardoll in the past, you will be able to link your account at with your Facebook account and everything you’ve acquired in the game will be available at both locations. Unfortunately, many of the features that are available on have not been added to the Facebook version of the game yet. This can make the game rather frustrating and hard for newcomers to get into.


There is minimal guidance at the beginning of the game, and once you’ve begun you will have a hard time finding any help within the game itself. Struggling to figure out how to earn money early in the game is a definite turn off.

There is no leveling system in Stardoll, no experience to earn, and everything is unlocked right at the beginning. However, almost everything will be out of a new player’s reach. Many of the items in the game can only be purchased using stardollars, the premium currency in the game. You can earn stardollars by purchasing them with Facebook credits or by purchasing a Superstar Membership. If you log in multiple days in a row you can eventually earn a few stardollars, but it will take quite a while to earn enough of them to purchase anything substantial.

Starcoins are the currency that you can earn in the game by performing various tasks. By clicking on the starcoin icon you will be taken to a list of actions that you can perform daily. You can earn up to 40 coins a day by completing the tasks listed. You may find yourself having to save up for some time to afford the nicer clothing and décor options in the game.


One of the fun aspects of the game is the ability to design your own clothing, jewelry, and furniture. You can choose the type of fabric, style, design, and numerous other options to create truly unique looks. Once you have completed an item you will need to purchase it if you want to keep it, otherwise you can discard it or leave it in your design studio until you can afford to purchase it.

One feature that is available on that is very noticeably missing in the Facebook version is the ability to resell items. When you click on an item you own you will see its resale value but there is currently nowhere in the game to sell anything. This further limits your ability to earn money in the game.

You can get around these limitations by using both the Facebook version and the web version of the game. Once you’ve created an account in either version you can access it from both locations, but the process is annoying and makes the Facebook version a vastly inferior version of an otherwise enjoyable game.

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