Slots Farm Review

Old MacDonald had a farm…with slot machines

Though a more grand scope of social gaming is currently in full swing, one of the cornerstones that remains is casual entertainment. Slots Farm seeks to spruce up the space of video slot machines, but is this virtual-gambling sim truly worth betting on?

Slots Farm is, for the most part, your typical offering of 20-line slot machines. However, the twist here is that you can play an extra slot machine to earn seeds in order to grow crops that yield guaranteed rewards once they’ve matured. You can also earn additional items, including eggs that take several days to hatch, adding even greater loot to the pot. Slots Farm offers a fun presentation with ample charm to go around.

Slots Farm

For the uninitiated, 20-line slot machines offer a multitude of ways to win. Rather than simply match pictures in a straight row, players can select specific lines to bet on, either upping your odds for a smaller payout or thinning your chances in hopes of a fat jackpot. Newcomers, however, need not concern themselves with minute details, as Slots Farm is easy to jump into and perfectly amusing in small doses.

There are eight themed slot machines to choose from, each successive one unlocked as you level up. Each time you take spin on one of the slot machines, you’ll earn experience based on the amount of money you bet per line, as well as the amount of lines in play. The bonus garden is a separate slot machine, though in execution, gameplay is exactly the same. You’ll earn rewards for playing consecutive days, and every three hours you can spin a bonus slot machine from the lobby to earn extra coins.

In addition to regular slot play, you can participate in mini-games, such as the worm race. Again, gameplay is merely a matter of luck, since you’re blindly selecting a worm to race and a track to race him on. But it’s a neat way to break up the repetition of spinning the virtual slot arm.

Slots Farm

And that is perhaps Slots Farm‘s biggest problem. In spite of a solid presentation and a few fun ways to mix things up, you’re still merely pressing a spin button most of the time. Of course, once you hit level five, you can opt to auto-spin, in which case your only task will be to watch the slots spin on their own.

On the plus side, Slots Farm has a fun, inviting vibe and look, with great music and sound effects that accompany gameplay. The backgrounds are decorated with cute animations, and the entire presentation is delightfully infectious. Though you’re repeating the same processes over and over, it’s hard not to be enamored by the game’s bells and whistles.

If you’re into relaxing with some mindless (and relatively carefree) online gambling, Slots Farm is a sound choice. The social features are typical fare, but the production values and leveling system are satisfying. Don’t expect to be engaged too much by the experience, but it’s definitely worth checking out if like shiny, blinky things.

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