Siegefall Review: Besieged By Time

The Good

It's neat to be able to control a hero unit and summon in reinforcements instantly into battle.

Some of the battle cards have really cool abilities (like summoning in dragons!)

The Bad

Lots of downtime due to waiting once the freebies run out.

Beyond a few minor additions, a very cookie-cutter experience overall.

Siegefall is a new mobile strategy game from Gameloft that tasks players with creating a fortress, building up an army, and then sending that army to attack enemy fortresses. The twist in Siegefall is that players can collect cards which they can play during their attacks that cause various statistical boons or do massive amounts of damage to enemy units and fortifications. On top of controlling the fights using the battle cards, players are in direct control of a hero unit which they can reassign to attack targets after the initial attack order is given.

While Siegefall is very much like the dozens of other base-building games out there, I found that a number of relatively minor mechanical elements really contributed to my enjoyment of the game, which ultimately caused me to enjoy Siegefall longer than I usually enjoy other base-building games. Though, even then, I still was ready to put down Siegefall for good, after a few hours with the game.

Siegefall review

Initially, players are given a very generous amount of gems (the premium currency) that they can use towards instantly upgrading their base. Even at the start, a number of “free” upgrades are available for players to take advantage of. Between the free upgrades and the availability of the currency, I was able to have a fairly well-built base established in no time. This really helped me get into the game much faster than other base-builders allowed for, as I wasn’t spending large amount of time waiting for things to upgrade.

With that said, once I did run out of the premium currency, I was indeed stuck waiting for things to produce and finish upgrading. This is about where my interest in the game waned.

Luckily, there were plenty of combat missions to partake in while I waited for upgrades in my base to complete. Between pre-stocked A.I. missions and missions against other players, I was able to conquer the lands around my fortress, and knock back the forces of evil with relative ease. At the start of each fight, players can select where their soldier squadrons will attack first, from there the soldiers’ A.I. takes over and they leapfrog from structure to structure.

A hero unit is available for summoning that players can have much more control over. As my army moved from building to building, I was tapping my hero around the perimeter of the battle, destroying storage buildings to give me additional food energy, which I could then use to instantly summon in additional troops to my preexisting squadrons. On top of directly controlling the hero, I was able to use battle cards that I had collected which can drastically affect the outcome of battle, though some cards are significantly more useful than others. It’s, quite literally, the luck of the draw as far as which cards you are awarded.

siegefall review

Eventually though, my armies ran out of men and I was stuck waiting for the soldiers to be recruited while simultaneously waiting for the next upgrade in my base to complete. So I was stuck staring at my base, literally counting down the minutes until I could resume playing.

While there are treasure chests stuffed with resources scattered throughout the landscape, finding them all will only take a few moments of your time before you’re back to playing the waiting game.

In the end, if you’re playing Siegefall for the long-game of checking into your base sporadically throughout the day, you’ll get much more mileage out of the game than someone who is looking to sit down and spend fifteen or twenty minutes in one go, with the game. Even with the cool ability cards and the extra luxury of being able to control a hero unit during combat, it wasn’t enough to get me hooked on playing the game past when all my free currency ran out.

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