Scoops: Ice Cream Fun For Everyone Review

When I was in high school, my first job was scooping ice cream in a little shop called Blum’s. It was my dream job. What could be more fun than scooping ice cream all day? And you could always get a free ice cream whenever you wanted. Ice cream is definitely one of my key comfort foods. So, when I saw there was an ice cream-based iPhone game called Scoops – Ice Cream Fun For Everyone, I knew I just had to indulge myself.
The best thing about Scoops is its simplicity. You are given a cone. Soon, you’ll see scoop after scoop of ice cream falling from the sky. Rainbow sherbet. Chocolate chip. Mint chip. Blueberry. Pink bubblegum. Need I say more? It is your task to catch the Scoops of delicious desert, one on top of the other, until you reach the ultimate goal of a record high score.
You use the accelerometer to tilt the screen ever so slightly right, then a little left as the creamy scoops keep falling out of the sky. You’ve got three stars in the upper right hand corner of the screen that represent errors you may make in building your delicious creations. So, how do you make a mistake? Well, in addition to scoops of ice cream, you’ll also be bombarded with tomatoes and onions that are easy to confuse for a scoop. Load up your tower of delight with three onions (or three tomatoes) and you’re out of the game.
And that’s about it. Honestly, there are no “levels” to pass. And as long as you keep piling on the ice cream Scoops without adding too many tomatoes or onions, you keep going and going. In fact, one time I played so long that the background turned from day to night (and got very dark in the process). There is one little trick. After awhile, you see a scoop that contains stars. If you’re able to add that special scoop to your stack, then it will automatically add to your star counter.
Other than that little twist and the fact that you can post your high score to compare to others and/or email your friends your latest high score, there isn’t much depth to the game. That is really my only complaint with the game. There are similar games that are based on stacking components of a sandwich. In those games, you start a sandwich with a slice of bread, add cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, meat, etc. and finish the sandwich with a second slice of bread. Unlike the opportunity those games provide to start, balance and finish stacking a huge sandwich, in Scoops, your ice cream cone never ends. You just keep going and going. Some may like this “endless” feature, while others may not.
However, I think we all know by now that there are lots of successful games like this in the App Store. These are simple, one dimensional, well-executed moments of fun like Doodle Jump or Skee-ball that we can jump in and out of easily. If we only have two minutes while we’re waiting in line, we can literally start and finish a complete game in that micro-moment of our busy lives. Scoops fits into this group nicely.
Don’t expect too much because you won’t find any depth in Scoops, but you will find a deliciously executed arcade game. At the low price of $.99, it’s definitely worth the money. Even though they are only little digital drawings that I can’t taste, there is something about building an ice cream cone that puts a smile on my face. And it’s a great way to enjoy my favorite desert without having to burn the extra calories in the gym!

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