Sacred Seasons 2 Review

Sacred Seasons 2 is a standard but eminently playable MMORPG for Facebook

Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular platform for massively multiplayer role playing games (MMORPGs), particularly 2D games like Sacred Seasons 2 that aren’t graphics-intensive. Sacred Seasons 2 is a full-featured, but otherwise perfectly standard, MMORPG that offers virtually every option you could want. The worst to be said about it is that the gameplay is a bit stale and the interface is not very user-friendly. But you do get to explore a bit more freely in Sacred Seasons 2 than you do in most MMORPGs on Facebook, as the game’s quests aren’t at all linear.

When you begin a game of Sacred Seasons 2 you select one of three classes and then pick one of the four seasons for your affinity. Each of the classes has a slightly different combat role, though all of them seem suitable for solo play. Sacred Seasons 2‘s world is truly persistent, too, so you’ll often have other players appear to help you while fighting monsters in dungeons. Each class and season combination can acquire a slightly different skill set. You can also choose to multi-class once you’ve begin the game, changing your character’s active class whenever you please.

Sacred Seasons 2

Sacred Seasons 2 begins in an area called Plymouth, but you’ll find you aren’t stuck there nearly as long as most free MMOs force you stay in the starting area. While the game will gently guide you toward certain quests and dungeons, you’re free to explore and get quests from other non-player characters (NPCs) at your leisure. It actually is beneficial to talk to every NPC, since many will give you quests and let you complete them even if they’re not highlighted. The negative to this is that sometimes a quest you’ve already taken won’t register as complete without reloading the game a few times.

Sacred Seasons 2 uses a quasi-turn-based combat system that’s similar to the Active Time Battle system from the 16-bit Final Fantasy games. Your character has a timer that slowly fills and you can take an action once the timer is full. You can put a character on the front lines to deal and take more damage, or in the back to be more protected but to be a little less effective against the enemy. Early in the game you mostly just attack monsters, but once you’re active with other players you can begin using more team-based strategy and support skills like buffing.

Sacred Seasons 2

Sacred Season 2 is a little bit glitchy, in ways that can make the game annoying to play. In addition to quests sometimes bugging out, your combat menu sometimes bugs out in battle. This can be dangerous as enemies will keep attacking while you have to click around to get the menu to reappear. Sometimes quest givers who should be lit up won’t be and sometimes you can take quests you can’t actually complete. It’s also pretty easy to get lost or have difficulty clicking on things covered up by other people’s avatars. Sacred Seasons 2 is not by any means an unplayable game, though. There’s fun to be had with it if you really want an MMO experience on Facebook.

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