Run Sheldon! Review

Run Sheldon is a fun twist on an old tale

Run Sheldon is one of the most adorable free endless runners to hit the App Store in quite some time. Perhaps that’s because it’s based upon one of the most memorable fables of all time: how the tortoise beat the hare in a race. This time, the tortoise in question is adorable little Sheldon, who’s facing not just one but an entire gang of hares who want to beat him to the finish line. Old Man Hare wants to take the Golden Race Trophy back from Sheldon, but as he’s gotten a little chubby in his old age, he’s got to depend on his rabbit buddies to help him do so. That’s where you come in.


Sheldon’s hurtling down the track evading these determined hares, collecting coins, power-ups, and other items that can aid him in his progress. These range from gliders, bubbles for bouncing, and several other boosts to aid Sheldon in his quest to once again take home the gold. Through several areas including mountain chains, watery areas, and woodland areas Sheldon must jump and avoid obstacles while taking the path of least resistance.

Of course, the goal is continue as long as you possibly can, to eventually win the race, and to collect as many coins as you can along the way. The coins in turn can be used to purchase the power-ups you weren’t able to pick up during normal gameplay, bolstering subsequent runthroughs to ensure Sheldon can stay on top like we all know he deserves to. The Hares will be hot on his trail, so the more distance you can gain between the fleet-footed tortoise and his pursuers the better you’ll perform.

Run Sheldon!

Simple one-and-two tap controls make the game a breeze – this is a game you’ll want to share with non-gamers and even children who may not have the patience for more complicated runners. It’s quick, responsive, and basic enough for anyone to sit down with and nearly immediately understand. Because of this, and the lack of real gameplay variety, it will begin to wear on the nerves if you play longer than a few minutes or beyond the first few failures. It’s quick, silly fun, airy as the adorable cartoony graphics that bring Sheldon and the Hares to life.

You can share your rankings with friends and frenemies alike via global Game Center and share your achievements on Facebook if you’re so inclined, and come back for more to spend your hard-earned coins to keep Sheldon up on his pedestal as one of the fastest tortoises alive. Run Sheldon is a cute little app and free endless runner that’s worth picking up, especially for the younger set who need a jumping-off point.

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