Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Review

Run, runaway.

As the number “2” in the title indicates, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is the sequel to the amazingly popular (or is it so amazing, given My Little Pony) Adult Swim game Robot Unicorn Attack. And as a sequel, this one manages to keep what worked in the original game while adding just the right enhancements to differentiate without alienating fans.

Like the first, this is an endless runner in which you control a robot unicorn for three “wishes” (i.e. lives/credits) in an effort to get as far as you can while collecting faeries and teardrops along the way. The backgrounds are far improved over the original, however, conveying a much grander world than we had seen previously. More interesting is that while the stages are indeed randomized, it’s only on a 24-hour basis, meaning you still get variety in the layouts, but are still able to practice a single stage to achieve excellence before they switch up.


This time out, though, customization is the name of the game. You can purchase different parts for your horned robotic steed, which not only switch up the look from the traditional metallic equine of the first game to a black stallion or something a little more “Friendship is Magic,” but also enhance your abilities accordingly. Oh, and you can also have wings, which allow you to fly if you can get your speed up.

Customization also extends to the music. While Erasure no longer provides the previous game’s default song, “Always,” you can still purchase it among others for 99 cents from the game’s in-app purchases. Other songs are also available, including Limahl’s “The NeverEnding Story” and our preference, Slade’s “Run Runaway,” and they each come with 500 additional teardrops with your purchase.

The “Attack” portion of the title actually carries some meaning with it now, too. Not only are there enemies for you to attack with your mad galloping dash maneuver, but you’ll also be able to compete online as a part of either “Team Rainbow” or “Team Inferno” in a race to capture the best scores and prizes.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

There is really little not to like about this game. Even if you think the whole unicorn thing in general is girly, it’s approached here with a tongue-in-cheek irony and cheesiness which somehow loops back around to being cool. It even reinforces your improved performance by having dolphins, flying whales, and other creatures come out and celebrate alongside you briefly as you trounce your old record.

If there is a bad thing about the game, and this might be reaching a bit, it would be the occasional trouble we had with– for lack of a better term– the “hit detection.” That is, one would think that jumping onto a patch of floating land with a sloping incline would allow you to keep running, but that’s not always the case for no particular reason that we can see.

That said, it’s a very minor gripe for a game which seems to improve on the original in just about every way (unless you’re a fan of decapitated crying robot unicorn heads, at least). The in-app purchases are sensible and enhance the experience without being relied upon to define it, and it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re a fan of the endless runner genre.

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