Red Remover Review

Red Remover sounds more like an acne cream or stain remover rather than a flash game, but that’s what it is – a 45-level puzzle game from Gaz that will have you seeing red in your sleep.

Red Remover tasks you with removing all red items from the screen while keeping all green items from falling off the screen. Light red items can be removed from the screen by clicking on them but dark red items must be forced off the screen via another object or by gravity. Blue items are neutral and you can remove them or leave them depending on how they help you solve the puzzle.

An in-game tutorial pops up as new elements are added into the game. It’s an easy game to learn how to play but a challenging one overall, especially in the harder difficulty mode.

The first ten levels are simple and only require you to deal with the removing objects in order to solve the puzzle, but later stages add in gravity effects on certain shapes to make things more difficult. The way the smiley faces on each item are facing will tell you what way they will move with gravity. In the last 20 levels, there are trial pars which when met give you access to five bonus levels and a bonus mode which allows you to replay each level on a harder difficulty.

Red Remover

To solve each puzzle you must use precise timing or click items in a specific order, but in the long run you can’t just click randomly and hope the green items will land safety as every level has a specific solution. If you happen to get stuck on a level the site does provide video walkthroughs to help you along.

Red Remover is highly addictive and fun but it’s short, so expect to run through this game pretty quickly. I finished the main levels in a couple of days and that’s without peeking at the walkthrough. For those who like to build, there’s a level editor where you can create your own level puzzles and share them with other Red Remover players.

The graphics are very simple with only the use basic shapes such as squares and circles and basic colours like red, green and blue. The animated smile faces are cute on the objects and the uses of gravity effects are quite clever. The sound effects are quite cute too, though the level failure fart noise might have your family thinking you’re eating too many beans.

This is a pretty fun game for something so basic, and it’s a game I can easily recommend.

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