Rappin’ Granny Review

Rappin’ Granny is a music game with a catchy tune, but the experience is both short lived and flawed

Rappin’ Granny, as you might expect, is about a granny. One who raps. And also wraps. Better put, it’s about a hip-hop granny with a boat load of gifts that need to be delivered to her many, many grandchildren. It’s sort of a music/puzzle hybrid, with a silly premise and sillier presentation. But it also feels more like a basic concept than a full-fledged game and won’t hold your attention for very long.

The titular rapping granny spends the entire game walking down a lime green hallway, dropping rhymes about all of the gifts that she has to deliver and who they are for. Each verse consists of a few gifts and a few grandchildren, all of which will pop up on screen. It’s your job to get the right gift to the right child. It starts out easy enough, one gift goes to a boy, one to a girl, but granny’s raps get more complex and figuring out what goes to whom becomes trickier, especially when you consider the fact that you only have a short time to make a decision. Deliver enough wrong gifts and it’s game over.

The song is as goofy as you’d expect, with plenty of geriatric jokes about mustaches and bad memories. The presentation, likewise, is bright and colorful and full of plenty of tiny little jokes. Granny wears a gold cane around her neck, for instance, and sports a pair of blinged out sunglasses that probably don’t do much to help her poor vision. But it’s fun and sometimes even funny.

Problem is, there’s only one song in the entire game and it never changes. So once you have all of the gifts memorized, there’s nothing new to see. You can play through again to top your high score, but other than that there is absolutely no replay value. And considering how short the game is in the first place, this makes Rappin’ Granny a game you likely won’t spend very long with. The controls can also be a bit problematic. You can deliver gifts either by dragging them to the intended recipient, or by flicking them across the screen. But while dragging the gift can sometimes bump against other gifts, sending them to the wrong person. This leads to plenty of unintended frustration.

The basic premise of Rappin’ Granny holds promise, but with only one song to play through, there’s simply not enough content. It’s quirky and fun but the novelty soon wears off. It also has a rather limited appeal: if you don’t find the prospect of a rapping granny funny, then there isn’t much reason to play. It’s a one joke game, and sadly that joke turns out to be a little whack.

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