Rain On Your Parade [Switch] Review – Rain Over Me

The Good

Great concept executed well

Doesn't outstay its welcome

Well priced

The Bad

Sometimes objectives can be clumsy and unclear

A bit too knowing at times

Rain On Your Parade is desperate to be loved. It’s crammed full of references, nudges, and winks to a range of films and games.

Sometimes it hits you over the head a bit too much with pastiche and parody, when it should just focus on doing its own thing. Because when it does that, it shines the brightest. Or, er, rains the least.

Rain On Your Parade has you playing as a cloud. You are asked to float around a range of self-contained stages causing weather related havoc.

There are a range of locations – from city streets under zombie invasion to school corridors – and in each you are asked to fulfil a number of objectives. Completing some of these is essential to completing the level and progressing to the next.

Being a cloud your main power is to rain on people, but you also unlock further abilities as you progress such as using different liquids (mind out of the gutter please) to summoning bolts of lightning.

The controls are incredibly simple, and the difficulty level is never particularly severe. Rain On Your Parade is always keen to offer up more of an experience than a challenge.

And on that score it’s relatively successful. It has a winning sense of humour, and although it’s sometimes a bit too knowing it’s certainly never dull.

From the nonsensical plotting – your quest involves finding the ‘mythical’ land of Seattle – to bizarre flourishes such as raining bread to feed a band of pigeons, you never quite know what’s going to be thrown your way next.

Sometimes across the fifty levels there’s a stage that feels a bit too messy though, and has objectives that are just a little too unclear.

This does occasionally ruin the flow of things, meaning it’s a tough game to completely recommend. The lack of a two player mode also seems odd considering the title’s chaotic nature.

Those willing to forgive Rain On Your Parade’s rough edges will find a lot to enjoy though, especially at its well judged price-point. 

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