QuizUp Review

Trivia that caters to your every expertise

Our highly-connected society delivers three benefits: the endless pursuit of knowledge, the endless pursuit of adult materials, and the ability to demonstrate what we’ve learned through any number of online quiz games. QuizUp is a mobile trivia game that lets you show off your smarts across a large number of categories and sub-categories. There aren’t any quiz categories dealing in the aforementioned adult materials, however. You’ll need to look elsewhere to impress your friends in that department.

QuizUp is free, simple, and addictive. It’s multiplayer only, so be prepared to enter a contest of wits against strangers. If you start to feel lonely, you can view your friends’ scores by logging in with Facebook, Twitter, or Game Center. Once you create a game ID for yourself or log in via a social platform, you’re turned loose to play. QuizUp keeps track of your favorite categories, but don’t pigeonhole yourself. You’ll never learn anything if you insist on staying within the safety of your expertise.


Easier said than done, since you’re almost certain to find a topic or sub-topic suited to your tastes. Want to be quizzed on literature? Sure, QuizUp has that. But why not get more specific? Are you familiar with the nuances of children’s books? What do you know about Harry Potter? The Hunger Games? How about Stephen King or Neil Gaiman? Do you have each passage of the Bible memorized? Can you recall, in great detail, every event that occurred in (shudder) the Twilight series?

Whatever you enjoy, you will almost certainly have the chance to school someone at it in QuizUp. Finally, all that retro Nintendo knowledge you have stored in your brain will go to use. And mother said you’d never amount to anything.

When you select a category or sub-category, QuizUp goes to work finding an opponent. If you’re playing during peak hours, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to match you up. Otherwise, it may take a little longer for the game to find someone who appreciates Spice Girls niche trivia as much as you do.


Each round lasts about a minute, and features seven multiple-choice questions. The first person to tap the correct answer gets the lion’s share of the points. You can still be awarded points if you select the right answer within the indicated time limit, but if you give an incorrect answer, you get nothing. The last question in each round is worth double points, so even if you’re doing badly, you can turn things around with a last-minute miracle.

The player with the most points at the end of a round is the winner. Win or lose, completing a round earns you experience in that category. You gain new titles as you level up.

One of the nicest things about QuizUp is that the game is laid out in front of you from the minute you hit start. There are no coins to collect, no “premium” categories to earn. Have you been dying to show off your knowledge of pop music, but don’t want to pay to unlock some other trivia game’s Lady Gaga quiz? Suffer no more. Pick up QuizUp.

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