Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Review – Megazord, Activated!

The Good

Great fan service

Satisfying combat

Plenty to do

The Bad

Too much grinding involved

If there's no one online, there's no one to fight

Somehow, my favorite childhood  show – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – is still kicking around, and there’s a brand new movie to show for it. That means it kind of makes sense that there’s a new mobile game for it too. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is that game, and it’s a free-to-play fighting game that offers a little more depth than you’d expect. Sure, it’s not overly memorable in the long run, but for fans of the franchise it’s fun to knock around with for a time.

Primarily a PvP fighter, you’re working towards earning more characters for your roster. As the name suggests, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars contains characters from various different Power Rangers shows from the beginning to where we are now. Through a series of grinding and a heck of a lot of beating up other players, you unlock new characters and can feel suitably smug as you work your way through the league tables.

Yup, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars likes to lure you in through league tables and a plethora of achievements to unlock. It’s all really quite like a combination of all your favorite free-to play-elements, along with a side helping of nostalgia — providing you were the right age for the Power Rangers.

Combat is a lot like Rock, Paper, Scissors, only more tactile. You get to choose from a few different attacks, dictated by how many energy points are available to you. Conducted in real time, speed is of the essence — but so is choosing the right attack at the right time. Button mashing won’t get you very far against other players, meaning you need to think fast. Supposedly, each attack will be familiar to fans of the shows, but I didn’t find any move particularly iconic. Being able to move left or right to dodge attacks for free is a useful way of ensuring you always feel in control, though.

It’s a mostly fairly satisfying form of attack, with each battle only taking a couple of minutes at most to complete. Once you’re done, you then move into the meatier side of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. You see, there’s plenty of room for unlocking loot boxes and upgrading your Rangers. So much in fact that it’s going to take you a fairly long time to see substantial results.

The joy comes mostly from putting together a fairly tough team. Sure, you can spread yourself thin, but what you really want to do is collect up your favorite people and work to upgrade them the most effectively. It’s a bit of a tedious process, but it’s oddly satisfying to watch your beloved favorite Rangers get tougher.

That’s mostly what will keep you coming back for more. Combined with being able to work your way up the league tables, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is reasonably entertaining. Its main curse is that you’ll soon reach a point where spending money feels almost necessary if you really want to stand a chance of progressing.

For the most part, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a fairly well designed fighting game. It includes various freemium elements that work quite well in this context. In particular, league tables are rewarding to traverse, and you’ll enjoy being able to collect up so many different warriors. You might never have the time to unlock everything possible without a ton of grinding, but the time you do spend with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will be quite pleasant if not overly memorable.

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