Pocket Clothier Review

The Good

So much to see and do. So much control, so much depth. Several hours in and we�re still seeing new elements and content.

The Bad

Certain areas need explaining better.

Don’t bother trying Pocket Clothier on – just take it straight to the till

Pocket Clothier, Kairosoft’s latest management mobile game, is like a sheep in wolf’s clothing. You’d expect a game about managing a retail clothes shop to be less entertaining than past Kairosoft subjects, yet actually, this is just as addictive and will gobble up your time in spades. Oh, and the wolf? He’s looking magnificent, daaarling.

What this latest addition to the franchise manages to do so well is keep you occupied with pop-ups, missions and statistics grabbing your attention multiple times every minute. Even several hours into play, we’re still seeing new elements and getting deeper and deeper into the mechanics of play.

Managing a clothing store is as open-ended as you’d expect. With monthly profits margins to watch, national rankings to climb and customers to impress, you are able to tackle the game from numerous different angles. How you place your clothes racks and stock your brands all affect how quickly you rise up the ranks.

Pocket Clothier Pocket Clothier

From the very beginning, it’s clear that Pocket Clothier is going to be something special. The game has a slightly fresher and more modern feel than previous Kairosoft games, with crisper visuals and animations, and new ways to read information and explore your shop, such as swiping left and right for stats, and swiping up and down for different floors in your store.

As mentioned, there is always something to do in Pocket Clothier, with serious depth – yet it never becomes too complex, and it’s always obvious what you need to be doing next. Not that you’re really boxed in, as there is always multiple angles to attack your progress from, whether it’s exploring new clothing lines, or upgrading your staff to accommodate the needs of your customers better.

The customers are a key element to your playing strategy, as they will actually get further in their careers and lives dependent on how you dress them. Store items such as mirrors and changing rooms will allow them to swap jobs, while you will sometimes receive requests from customers to help choose outfits for them.

The world of Pocket Clothier follows the flow of real world shopping too, with clothing lines changing in popularity dependent on the current season, and customer influence. Sometimes you’ll be told that a particular brand is going to become popular soon, and you’ll need to purposely order extra stock to fill the demand later on.

Pocket Clothier Pocket Clothier

Essentially, Pocket Clothier just throws a ridiculous amount of content at you, such that you never have a spare moment to consider playing anything else. We’re already more than half a dozen hours in, and we don’t foresee a halt to play anytime soon.

This range and depth does prove a little confusing at times, as not everything is explained so brilliantly. For example, a few hours into the game you’ll notice that your racks and shelves are starting to look a little bare, as you’ve not altered the stock to supply the demand properly. Once you get your head around it, however, you’re all systems go once again.

Pocket Clothier is easily one of the best Kairosoft games to date, whether you’re into your clothes shopping or not. Now, if you don’t mind – we’ve got a contract coming in from Leggings International that is simply too good to pass off.

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