Plock Review

Explode the colored blocks as fast as you can in Plock

Like the movie starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, Plock by MetroGames is all about speed. In this game of brightly colored blocks, your goal is to click on groups of two or more adjacent blocks of the same color as fast as you can. It’s a similar concept to games like Breaking Bricks and Cube Crash, but Plock adds bombs and multiplier blocks into the mix, offering chances to score mad points.

To play, find a group of two or more blocks of the same-color and click on them. As they blow up, the blocks above it shift down and new blocks are added to the board, forcing different color combinations. The more blocks you break, the more energy you earn to fill your “bomb meter,” located to the right of your screen. Once that meter reaches full strength, one of several different types of bombs will appear inside a block on your puzzle board.


To detonate the bomb, you must eliminate the block it is in. There are a few different types of bombs that are thrown out randomly—some eliminating the entire horizontal or vertical row upon detonation.

Plock has a simple enough concept, with its one-minute rounds. It is easy to play countless games trying to beat your high score and is very addictive. My advice is to check your watch—30 minutes easily flew by for me playing the game.

The overall game could use a few more bells and whistles, though. Yes, there are bombs and multipliers, but the game would be more interesting if there were ways to earn bigger and better types of bombs. Everything is pretty random, from when the bomb energy fills to what type of bomb is thrown. Plock could benefit from offering more opportunities to use real strategy to rack up points. Its simple space-themed graphics could use some improvement too, as there are minimal screen changes throughout the game.


Like many games on Facebook, Plock offers the opportunity to invite and challenge friends. There is a lot of smack talk on scores between friends, which means the game is being used as it was intended…to be played competitively. It’s a bit annoying that you are prompted to post your score, giving Plock free promotion, after each game—regardless of whether you beat your high score or tanked.

For gamers who have the need for speed or not enough time to spend countless hours building farms or fighting the mafia, Plock may be for you. Though it may not have the depth to keep you coming back again, it may be the perfect diversion for those with only a minute or two to spare.

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