Platinum Solitaire 3 Review

The Good

Excellent collection of solitaire games presented well. Great career mode to be found in "World Tour."

The Bad

There's no way to spend your in-game cash pile on unlockables, new characters, or other items.

Platinum Solitaire 3 is a supreme collection of card games for those spending time alone

Harry Nilsson once told us that “one is the loneliest number.” Playing card games are usually something best enjoyed in a group setting. Friends coming over, beer and cigars in tow, for a weekly poker game. Sitting shoulder to shoulder at a casino blackjack table with other folks who have dollar signs in their dreams. Calling those card games designed to be played by a single player “solitaire,” is both scarily apt and sadly accurate.

Platinum Solitaire 3

Platinum Solitaire 3 provides you with 17 different ways to play cards all alone. Classic Solitaire is represented along with other variations like Golf, Spider, FreeCell and more. You have three ways to access the games from the main menu. “Quick Play” takes you directly into Classic Solitaire. “Choose Game” lets you pick from any of the variations. The real attraction of this game, though, is “World Tour,” where you travel around the world from city to city betting from your cash reserve on the different variations, making side bets, unlocking new cities and characters, etc.

The game has a high quality presentation, but coming from a big mobile studio like Gameloft, you wouldn’t expect anything less. The controls are completely adequate, but then again, there’s not really much to get too fancy with. If you’re not familiar with a particular game mode there’s simple and direct instructions and tutorials for each one available, either when you first play it in World Tour or again from the menu. If you find yourself needing to jump out of the game it will save your progress so you can pick it up later. Plenty of stats are kept attached to your profile and you can even unlock three different card trick tutorials as you play through the campaign. There’s definitely not a lack of content here.

Platinum Solitaire 3

I guess if I had any complaints about the game, it’s that there’s not really much reason to build up your cash pile other than to have more cash to bet. There’s no in-game store to unlock more themes, cities, characters or decks. I guess just seeing the imaginary money pile up in your imaginary bank account is its own reward.

Platinum Solitaire 3 is a really complete collection of solitaire variations presented very nicely with plenty of options that should scratch any solo-card-playing itches you might have. At the budget price Gameloft has set, it’s hard to make any argument against picking it up if solitaire card games are your cup of tea. If you do buy it, you’ll soon find yourself making up excuses to be alone.

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