PileUp! Candymania Review

Once in a while, I come across a game that is the perfect blend of mindless fun. I don’t have to think hard to understand the rules. I enjoy the graphics, and I find myself so engaged in getting past the next level that I have to force myself to stop playing. PileUp! Candymania is just such a game. The graphics are enticing (who doesn’t like candy?), and the gameplay is simple and addictive. It’s the perfect snack for my brain.
It’s hard to define why I like playing games on my iPhone except to say “It’s a fun way to pass the time.” But that sounds like I have to find something to occupy the empty spaces in my life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like most of you, I have an extremely busy life with lots of responsibilities of being a wife, mother, employee, chauffeur, caregiver, and the list goes on. I play games because they help me take a quick break for a short period of time. Somehow, that refreshes and invigorates me and helps me get ready for my next responsibility. PileUp! Candymania fits the bill perfectly.
PileUp! Candymania is a sequel to the highly popular online game PileUp! In this version, you are matching a wide variety of mouth-watering candies. Over 60 different levels in 6 different environments provide hours of fun. Your job is to match four candy pieces to make them vanish. This sounds easier than it is because the candy objects have very realistic physics as they drop and roll into each other. They roll around like real hard candies, and you never know where they’re going to land. On the iPhone, you use your finger to move the candy sets. Maybe it’s the sensation of ‘touching’ the virtual sweetness on the screen, but somehow that experience makes me feel even more engaged than clicking a mouse on my PC.
The movement of the candy is very smooth and fun to watch. I love the ‘retro’ look and feel of the graphics. Playing this game brought back memories of going to candy stores when I was a kid. I loved looking at all of the shiny, tasty treats in their little bins. And I enjoyed the smell of all those flavors tickling my nose. If only my iPhone could duplicate the smell of candy! Maybe in version 4.0?
I also enjoyed the carefree musical theme playing while I was busily matching colored candies. The sound effects were also top notch. And there are lots of useful and surprising power-ups to help you accomplish your goals so the candy-matching game play never gets boring.
An exceptional value, I highly recommend this sweet game (sorry I couldn’t resist). If you’re looking for mindless fun to take you away from your busy life for a time, then PileUp! Candymania is just what the doctor ordered. Playing this game is the most fun I’ve had with candy in a long time – and without all of the extra calories!

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