PetzWill Review

PetzWill has some original ideas, but they aren’t enough to keep you coming back

Building on the simple pet customization that plenty of other Facebook games allow, PetzWill also lets you build your own town and take your pet on adventures. But do these additions make the game any more fun to play?

In PetzWill, you begin by creating your pet character, which you can name, clothe, and customize however you like. If you don’t like the default sets of clothing or hats, there are some more options available for purchase as well.

From there, you’re taken to a small town that you and your pet have control over. In the town area, you can harvest and plant crops, build additional houses and shops along with decorations and roads. This aspect of the game feels very standard, with nothing in the way of new ideas to help differentiate the experience.


However, the adventure portion of the game does spice things up at least a little bit. Once there, your pet flies around in his little airship and can find activities to do like chopping down trees or harvesting rocks. Each activity will cost you hearts, which act as energy in PetzWill. Completing these activities will drop resources that you will likely need for future goals and for production.

Certain shops and buildings allow you to convert fruit into coins and experience points using the production feature. All you have to do to use this is click on the building and choose the produce feature. There will be a small box entailing exactly what the production will cost and what rewards are in it for you. Additionally, the buildings you use for production will eventually be automatically upgraded after a certain number of times.

The goal system found in PetzWill generally works well and is easy to follow. Most quests entail simply finding a few different resources or harvesting a few different crops. Nothing brain-busting, and the simplicity works well for this type of game.


In terms of social features, PetzWill does not have too many options. As far as I could see, the only available options involve simple tasks such as visiting your neighbors’ towns and tending a few items a day, as well as sending gifts.

The biggest problem with PetzWill is that there is just not much compelling about it. There are some fun moments when you’ll need to collect resources for a quest, but outside of that there isn’t much real gameplay involved. With a bit more variety the game could certainly have more lasting appeal. But as it stands, it simply becomes too dull far too quickly for its own good.

While I can’t blame the developers of PetzWill for trying a new adventurous concept, the execution is simply too dry to last for very long. While I can say you’ll have fun with PetzWill for a little while, I can’t say you’ll be sticking around for much afterwards.

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