Pet Vegas Review

Pet Vegas adds some charm to the slots genre, but this dog could stand to learn some new tricks

You can’t say that Crowdpark doesn’t know its audience. Shuffled among the predictable news about boosts and upgrades that sprinkle Pet Vegas‘ fan page on Facebook, you’ll find some of the most saccharine pet videos ever posted on YouTube.

Coo once more as you watch a golden retriever puppy fall asleep while leaning against a table. Smile and forget today’s awful politics as you watch a cat hug her kitten in the throes of a nightmare. Once you’re done, Crowdpark seems to hope you’ll want nothing more than to spend a few hours and Facebook credits watching dozens of impossibly cute cats, dogs, and panda bears whiz by on a set of five reels.

If this furry fantasia satisfies your basic requirements for a social slots game (and apparently it does the trick for 120,000 monthly users as of this writing), then you might find enough to love in Pet Vegas. Each of the game’s slots pushes the cuteness concept to a new extreme, ranging from the standard wide-eyed adorableness of Pet Vegas Boulevard and Furry Fortune to the Jurassic cuddles of Spinosaurus.

Pet Vegas

Each of the reels consists of furry friends mixed among images of chew toys and dog biscuits. Beyond that, you’ll find a workable slots game with all of the usual bells and whistles such as an autospin and the ability to choose how many lines count as a win. The game runs smoothly, and the total absence of crashes and malfunctions proves that Crowdpark scrubbed the fleas from their pet project prior to release.

But if you’re looking for something more, look elsewhere. Pet Vegas only has one gimmick, and for those of us who can only take so many doses of cartoon puppy dog eyes and kitty whiskers before suffering from an overdose of cuteness, it’s a gimmick that reduces the title to a social sugar rush. Even the gameplay itself leaves something to be desired. Key bonuses, such as the ability to lock two reels, don’t even unlock until level 9. And the apparent lack of random minigames represents a missed opportunity of the highest order. Who wouldn’t enjoy allowing the German shepherd from Pet Vegas Boulevard to fetch a ball down the Las Vegas Strip (provided, of course, that the cars were removed)?

Crowdpark’s early numbers might prove that the even bare bones slots remain appealing if you surround it with pets, but it’s not too late to teach this dog some new tricks.

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