Papa’s Quiz [Switch] Review – Just Dance

The Good

Enjoyable with a group of friends

Oddball but endearing presentation

The Bad

Incredibly slight

No real use of the Switch's unique capabilities

Papa’s Quiz is not a hugely complicated game, but it is an undeniably entertaining one. In short enough sessions at least.

A multiplayer focused experience for 2-8 people, it actually relies on each player using their phone (or tablet) to participate. Through this you select answers to a range of quiz questions in the game’s main (and only) mode.

There are simple multiple choice rounds and picture based sections to get through – and the faster you answer the more points you get. As long as you’re correct of course.

You also get to occasionally select the category you play by button mashing the virtual d-pad towards the one you want – but everyone else playing will be doing the exact same thing.

The final round of the game sees you in a column focused race – when your column reaches the bottom of the screen you’re out.

You can keep your column up by answering questions as quickly as possible – your column is literally ticking down the longer you take. The size of column you start with is dependent on how many points you accumulated in the earlier rounds too. 

That really all there is to Papa’s Quiz, and we’d be lying if we weren’t a little disappointed in quite how undeveloped it feels at times. There are no attempts at different modes, which is strange considering the amount of questions (3,000) the game has in the bank. There’s no attempt to make use of the fact it’s on the Switch either.

What saves Papa’s Quiz somewhat is its sense of humour. The game’s host talks in a bizarre robotic tone and constantly chides his co-host – who is an actual robot.

You also get to customise your character to an enjoyably extensive degree, and even give them suitably deranged names. Oh and at the end of every round one player gets to select a certain dance to perform. There’s never any reason given for this, but we’re cool with that. 

What we’re not so cool with are some of the game’s bizarre category choices, such as ones dedicated to Beverly Hills, 90210 and My Little Pony. Maybe it’s all just part of the game’s freewheeling charm. But we doubt it.

In any case there’s ultimately just enough here for us to recommend Papa’s Quiz as a budget priced trivia-focused multiplayer experience. Just don’t expect to be playing it all night.

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