Office Wars Review

Office Wars is by no means going to change the way we play casual games, but brings a fresh humor to the genre.

With the success of the hit television show, The Office, and the millions playing games working in an office, Broken Bulb Studios has come to the table with another office related fix in gaming form: Office Wars.

In Office Wars, you’re Michael Scott, or if you’re not a fan of the show, just a run of the mill office manager in charge of the peons beneath you. But this is unlike any other office you’ve seen. There are no TPS reports to be filed or printers to jam. The goal here is to erect the office into a miniature militia, by outfitting employees with a range of flippant weapons. Why? To beat the heck out of the employees in rival offices of course.

Office Wars

Within the humoristic art style, players will definitely get a sense of the office vibe and culture surrounding it. Even the budding employees show off their own persona. Soon after choosing an employee at the start of the game, players will have numerous choices in developing the personality of that specific employee within the management room of your office. It is here you can explore qualities such as agility, strength, defense, health, and critical hits. And last, but not least, the clothes. Office Wars creates the environment in which the employees clothing counters as in game armor. So choose wisely. Once your new staffer is operational, send him off to battle through the door in the office showing off the menu of impending foes. Like other Facebook games, Office Wars takes much of the actual fighting out of your hand, but simulates the action through the weapons and characters chosen. Sure, it’s fun to watch one of your employees wield a giant shrimp across the office, but wouldn’t it be a bit more appropriate if the player could do it themselves?

Office Wars

Though these characteristics may sound average for a casual game, Office Wars also involves a nonstop struggle with additional players, as well as character leveling, as seen in more conventional games for consoles. But not to worry, Office Wars is easy to get the hang of and feels much less complicated than it sounds.

Throughout the battle, several employees will lose all health and vanish. Her in lies the time management facet to the match; your office has a cooperative health bar that revives after each skirmish. This is true unless you expend coins to revive with the first aid kit. But if you lose the fight it’s not a big deal. You won’t lose too much except for a bunch of health. But winning? This is where the good stuff lies. There are two set rewards, experience and coins, sidled with those that are dropped in the battlefield. Players will also revel in achievements from completing acts, usually by winning a battle with defying odds.

Office Wars is by no means going to change the way we play casual games, but it brings up some fresh ideas and re-workings of the already played out games being consumed daily. What sets Office Wars apart isn’t the gameplay though; it’s the humoristic play style it brings to an audience that already is drowned in the cultures it makes fun of. A rare niche in a playing field consumed by copy-cats.

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