My Farm Life 2 Review

By David Becker |

The farm theme is getting old, but My Farm Life 2 is still fun to play

Ratings are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to television. Just ask Lisa, whose show is about to be cancelled in My Farm Life 2, a new farming time management release by Alawar. It’s up to you whether Lisa’s rooftop garden and the introduction of organic crops can be a healthy success and save Lisa’s show.

My Farm Life features 50 levels, or “episodes,” in three different modes. In the beginning you are only able to play casual mode, but expert and relaxed mode get unlocked pretty quickly. The timer is exceptionally hard; even in casual mode you may not beat every level in expert time, and beating some levels can take several tries. There are 38 trophies to obtain as well.
My Farm Life 2
Veterans to the farming game genre will immediately feel at home with My Farm Life 2’s familiar mechanics. A variety of crops have to be planted, watered and harvested from fresh soil, animals have to be fed to produce milk, eggs, or honey, and you can buy machines to create even more delicious products, such as jam from strawberries and honey or cheese from milk. New crops, gear and upgrades are introduced in nearly every level to keep things fresh and varied.

The number of crops, animals and machines is definitely convincing and on par with the first My Farm Life or Ranch Rush 2. You can purchase cows, hens, goats, a beehive, raspberries, melons, cucumbers and tomatoes, just to name a few. In each level you have to fulfill orders for different products along with the regular appearance of Carlos, the guy who had the original idea for the new TV format. Carlos will pay you cash for any crop you deliver, but you have to fill all his empty crates with produce along with your other objectives to pass a level.

My Farm Life 2 still features a variety of assistants, who can be activated by chaining the same actions, for example watering or harvesting the same crops, repairing machines, or delivering orders. Those assistants have different abilities and are definitely needed to beat some levels in time, but they can also be quite annoying at times. When you need certain crops for your machines to prepare for the next level it can get very frustrating to watch the assistants delivering those same crops to the barn.

Compared to its predecessor there are not many changes or significant improvements to be found in My Farm Life 2. There is the ability to deliver parts of your produce to Carlos, who will reward you with bonus money, the graphics have been updated (not necessarily to the game’s advantage), and some products have been changed. The day and night change has been removed, which was one of the most unique features of the first part of this series, so we were definitely a bit disappointed in that.
My Farm Life 2
The controls of My Farm Life 2 are perfectly balanced. Actions can be planned in very long chains, clicks register reliably, animals in your way can be clicked away, and it rarely happens that you pick up the wrong product by accident. Furthermore the interface is pretty intuitive, with the shop, move and delete buttons handily available. Each small element of the farm can be rearranged at any moment while the time stops, and items can be sold if you are really in desperate need of money.

All in all My Farm Life 2 is a solid and entertaining title that will probably please all real fans of this genre. But it has to be said that the game does not break any new ground, and the farm setting is far from fresh. When you can see past the too familiar setting and the run-of-the-mill mechanics, though, the game will still please you with its high production values and variety of modes, products and challenges.

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