My Clinic Review

Sick of other social games? Try a dose of My Clinic.

Being sick is not generally a fun part of life. Usually you end up going to the hospital, spending way too much moneym and you still may not even feel better for days afterwards. In My Clinic for iPad, it’s your job to heal these sick customers and take their money. Get this: it’s fun, too!

The premise behind My Clinic is actually fairly simple in that you have been handed the keys to a small hospital and it’s up to you to run the clinic successfully. Patients are constantly sick with various illnesses, whether it’s a small cold or even broken bones.

My Clinic

How you heal patients probably isn’t what you’d expect. This isn’t Cooking Mama: Hospital Edition where you have to rub on the screen with your fingers to help ‘heal’ the broken bones. Instead, the game takes a more text-based approach. You’ll simply ‘tap’ to heal the patients and wait for them to be healed. Depending on the severity of the injury, the procedure could take between 15 seconds and several hours.

Required for each patient to be treated are nurses or certain items. You can hire nurses easily, but there are only so many of them to go around and you will likely run out of nurses before you run out of patients. You can also hire friends to be nurses in your facility, but only if they are also playing the game.

The certain items required to cure some patients can be things like phones, typewriters and other various objects. I’m not sure how a phone is going to help someone with a sinus infection but I’m willing to let it slide.

Boosts can also considerably shorten the amount of time it takes to heal patients, as well as boost morale and research time. While these boosts are nice once in while, they can get expensive quick as they cost Gold Coins to purchase (premium currency).

As you complete various tasks such as healing 10 patients and more, you will earn XP and level up. Leveling up will eventually allow you to build a new clinic that is much larger and allows for more rooms and patients. As I ran out of room and nurses very quickly, I found this to be quite an excellent thing.

My Clinic

The downsides to My Clinic surround the idea of ‘waiting’. When I am playing a game, I really don’t appreciate having to wait around for the next action to happen. I prefer games to be quick and to the point. While I do appreciate My Clinic for not being the typical iOS social game, this is one norm I would like thrown out the window. If I am enjoying playing the game, why would I want to stop?

Another point is that progression tends to be very slow. I spent several days playing the game before I gained more levels past the initial one. This is a very frustrating aspect, as there are certain items and activities that can only be completed once you have leveled up.

Overall, I’d have to say My Clinic is an above average social game. While not the most innovative game, I have come to appreciate a game that deviates from the general norm and tries something new.

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