Munch Time Review

To sum up Munch Time: Om nom nom nom.

Munch Time for the iOS is a cute physics-based platform puzzler with amusing visuals, deceptively simple challenges, and a surprisingly versatile lizard tongue. Easy to pick up but difficult to master, the only real problem with the game is that it’s done with quickly.

Players take control of Munch. He’s a hungry little chameleon living in a hostile world full of grappling flowers, stars, cannons, and succulent, wormy morsels. The idea is to guide Munch to his lunch by using his long and sticky tongue as a grappling hook to swing himself onto ledges, where he can catch his food.

In order to move in each puzzle, players tap on a location. Munch is unable to either climb or jump down from ledges; the only way to move him is to come within range of various colored flowers, and then tap them to attach his tongue.

Munch Time

This is where the physics aspect of the game comes into play. Munch’s speed, momentum and direction are determined according to where he latches on from. For example, if he snags a flower from above and to the right, he will swing clockwise at high speed. Additionally, when the flower is tapped again, his tongue will release, and the momentum will fling him in an arc.

Here’s the catch: once most flowers have been used, they cannot be used again. Players must cautiously plan out their path before making a move, or they risk becoming stuck with no way to proceed. Also, since stalling kills Munch’s momentum, playershave to latch on to flowers with speed and accuracy.

Of course, there’s more to Munch Time’s puzzles, like several other types of flowers that change up the pacing of each puzzle. And later in the game, there are colored fireflies that can be eaten to change Munch’s color (he is a chameleon after all), which lets him swing from similarly-colored flowers.

There are also permanently rotating flowers that can be re-used, and cannon flowers that can blast Munch, much like the cannon barrels in Donkey Kong Country. There are also more common obstacles such as pitfalls and spiked walls that can result in an untimely demise.

Munch Time

Like most puzzle games, Munch Time attempts to up its lasting appeal by incorporating three collectable stars in each level, which should please completionists. Anyone who’s not interested in scoring three stars can skip the attempt. Unfortunately, this results in one of the app’s biggest problems: it is incredibly short. Between the fairly easy base puzzles (sans star collection), not to mention the ability to skip them, the whole experience can be played through in about half an hour.

Nevertheless, Munch Time has a lot of fun stuff to offer, and collecting everything provides a suitable challenge. Moreover, the game is polished, and the empty look and design of Munch is disturbingly adorable; even more so when he latches onto flowers. Munch Time is a solid physics-based puzzle game that’s worth a look.

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