Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge Review – Rip Roaring Resource Management

The Good

Nice focus on strategy and supply rather than fast clicking.

Easy set-up with a good level of challenge.

Factoids presented between levels are actually interesting.

The Bad

Pre-level bonus purchases are somewhat limited.

Golden Gate Bay, 1933. What a happening place! There’s just one little problem: getting between the northern and southern peninsulas is a bit of a hassle. The only solution is to build a bridge, and we’ve got a big one in mind!

Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge is a resource management game that’s centered around increasing your numbers and creating the Golden Gate Bridge. Erecting something this massive won’t be an easy task, so you’ll need to start small and work your way up. The game begins with some basic tutorial-type levels that introduce you to the resources you’ll need to take care of. Food, cement, money, steel, wood and workers are all you need to make the bridge a reality. Now if you can just get enough of them!


As with most resource management games, Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge takes place in a series of maze-like levels with roads, buildings and piles of free resources littering the ground. Send your workers out to grab what freebies they can grab, then focus on clearing small obstacles that net you a couple of resources per clear. With the roads free, you can get down to the real work: creating buildings.

Monument Builders features several types of structures that manufacture resources and other items on a regular basis. Need a constant inflow of cash? Try a grocery store. Food running a little scarce? A cake shop should set that right. Most levels are pretty straightforward with what buildings you can place and where, but later on you’ll get a bit more freedom. Once a shop is up and running, regular deliveries will appear on the road outside the front door. Click the car to send the goods to the warehouse and collect your hard earned loot!


Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge takes some liberties with the resource management formula, creating an atmosphere that’s two parts strategy, one part orderly clicking. You won’t have to worry so much about how you do things or what you do first, it’s more about setting up a strong supply line that keeps resources topped up at all times. There’s nothing worse than running out of cement when you’re one improvement away from finishing the level.

Apart from reusing levels multiple times in a row, there really aren’t many downsides to the Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge experience. The visuals get the job done, and the sound effects do a great job transporting you back to the 1930s. The lack of worker queueing is normally a problem in games of this genre, but here it’s not an issue. Be smart, think about your level goals, then plan accordingly. That’s the key to victory, and it’s the only way you’ll get that million ton bridge up and running!

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