Medieval Review

Brisk Mobile gives you the chance to go medieval on the bad guys in their castle defense game Medieval.

The objective behind Medieval is simple defend your castle from the enemy castle position on the other side of the level. At the same time you try to destroy the enemy castle, steal their flag or survive the waves of troops launched against you for that level. Among your weapons are a trebuchet you control and a plethora of troops that include crossbowmen, axmen, knights on horse back and catapults.

When you first start the game you are only have your trusty trebuchet to fling flimsy arrow at your enemy who sends wave after wave of enemies at you. As you down troop after troop you gain gold that you can use to upgrade your arsenal. This includes purchasing new arrow and weapons for you to use. There’s also the option to build barracks so that you can send out your own troops.

You have no control over what you’re troops do. They just march across the battlefield trying to capture the enemy flag and fighting any enemy encounter. What you do have control of is the trebuchet located on the top of the castle. Setting up and sending out your troops is easy. What gets frustrating is aiming your trebuchet. Though the game does provide you with three options on how to aim and fire and each comes with its flaws. The biggest issue is when the games large options buttons get in the way of your aim and make it difficult for you to attack your opponent.

Although when you do down an enemy soldier there is a cry of pain letting you know that they kicked the bucket. Unfortunately this is pretty much the only sound you’ll hear most of the time and it gets annoying fast. Yes there are other sounds such as a catapult boulder striking a castle, but you won’t hear that often.

Though the sound isn’t Medieval’s strength the graphics compensate for it. The castle in the game start to degrade after the take damage letting you know how much longer your enemy or yourself has left to live. Soldiers are pretty detailed considering how tiny they are. And the backgrounds are beautiful. If it weren’t for the arrow, sword-swinging soldiers and large boulders being hurdled around the grassy levels would be a great place to vacation.

Medieval has a long learning curve that can throw you off initially. But should you stick through it and learn the ins and outs of Medieval is pretty good. The game is repetitive in nature so unless you’re okay with changing scenery and not much else you’ll find the game fun. All in all, Medieval is a good game with simple controls that can keep you entertained for at least a couple of hours.

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