Making Mr. Right Review

By Maria Montoro |

Making Mr. Right

Making Mr. Right puts hot bachelors and troubled husbands in the hands of the sophisticated Dr. Love in order to hone their everyday skills and make them irresistible. Game Brains and Gamers Digital bring fun and frantic action to the table with one of their latest time management delights.

In Making Mr. Right, players will get to know the successful writer nicknamed Dr. Love. She’s best known for her self-help books that aid insecure guys boost their confidence in a world where impressing a woman makes all the difference. A few million dollars and book signings later, she’s finally ready to embark on her next project: creating bachelor communities to help them overcome their fears. This will not only help them, but it’ll help her as she takes notes for her next book and shares her thoughts with her alluring book editor Richard.

Making Mr. Right

Making Mr. Right has players build a community for the bachelors – complete with gift shops, parks, restaurants, and many other attractions. As Dr. Love earns money, she’ll use the cash towards building the perfect location – one that will foster healthy relationships and build a good reputation for her. The better the land, the more successful the relationships will be.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the studio. Players must buy stations where customers can acquire the necessary skills for success. Some are looking into dancing, while others have a knack for Asian cuisine and need to perfect it. Other activities include yoga, painting, surfing, baby care, zen gardening, home improvement, and map reading. Now, that’s a good one! With 22 activities, these potential studs will surely find something that makes their loved one melt.

All a player has to do is maximize time and space by placing multiple stations throughout the studio. As customers walk in and express their area of interest, you must drop them in the proper station and wait until they finish learning. If they get frustrated, you’ll have to cheer them up, and when they’ve graduated, simply send them on a date and collect the cash.

To mix things up a little, players will be sent back to the neighborhood after a training session. That’s when you continue building the town and play a quick match-three game at the gift shop in order to collect money and power-ups. The goal here is to make matches of three or more of the same item by swapping them around with nearby objects. When you return to the studio, you’ll be able to use these special items to increase the patience of your students, speed up the learning process, or make them graduate instantly, which is extremely useful in later levels, when you can barely keep up with the frantic flow of students and multi-faceted learning programs.

Making Mr. Right

Dr. Love will go through five different communities. She can’t decide if she prefers to live by the sea, up in the mountains, in the secluded wine country, or in the heart of the city. Each setting is full of charm, and the studio is always located right in the middle of it, with the best possible views. The sound is equally charming, reminiscent of titles like The Sims. The tunes are different for the studio, the community, and the gift shop, managing to keep things fresh for players.

The only problem with Making Mr. Right is that there’s a lot of reading throughout the game, as you learn about Dr. Love’s new experience and her thoughts about Richard. Reading is not most gamers’ favorite task, especially when the goal is to get your mind off of things and just play for the sake of it. Also, the challenge ramps up conspicuously towards the end, making it almost impossible to beat a level in the first try.

Making Mr. Right is a very entertaining game that’ll keep players hooked for hours. If time management is your cup of tea, put yourself at the mercy of Dr. Love and start practicing. Time will tell if you have the potential to become the next best Mr. Right… or maybe Mrs. Right?

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