Lumonitor Review – I Have No Monitor, and I Must Screen

By Simon Reed |

When we first heard about the Lumonitor, we were a little unconvinced. A portable touchscreen monitor, we were unsure whether it could really compete with the best the market has to offer – as well as if it could provide anything different to its rivals.

However after spending some time with it we have to admit it’s a more than viable option as your monitor on the go compared to its big name competitors.

It’s worth emphasising that the Lumonitor is not small. At 15 inches wide it dwarfs your standard tablets, but that’s kind of the point.

It can act as the monitor for your computer, smartphone, or games console – and we had no real issues in setting it up on all of these. We even tried getting it to work with a USB drive we had lying around. Again, no issues.

Despite the size it’s fairly light too, without feeling flimsy. An included case also allows you to prop it up, although it’s not the easiest thing to manipulate in the world.

Underneath the moderately lightweight exterior lies a surprising amount of power too. Boasting a 4K resolution everything we tested on the Lumonitor – games, films, and, er, spreadsheets – looked great and incredibly sharp.

The screen’s LED backlighting works a treat, and there are a few other perks – such as anti-glare tech – that are impressive to find considering the unit’s pricetag. 

There’s very little else we can say about the Lumonitor, but that’s a compliment. It just works, and there’s very little else to it – it’s easy to hook up to almost anything, and we encountered no performance or build issues during our time with it.

Yes, the Lumonitor won’t be for everyone. But for those who have multiple devices and desire a bit more screen-space the Lumonitor is a very safe bet. You can find its official site here.

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