Light The Flower Review

Light The Flower is a great little puzzler despite a few frustrations

Light the Flower is a game with an incredibly simple premise: Flowers need light, and these flowers are in rooms which have light shining into them, but not onto the flowers themselves. Using mirrors, your goal is to reflect beams of light so that they will reach the flower in the room.

As you move along, things get trickier. There may be obstacles in the room, you may need to shine light on multiple flowers, or you’ll encounter colored flowers which require light filtered through a lens of a similar color. You could face any combination of these. Oh, and did we mention there are stars to “collect” by shining the beam of light through them on its way to the flower? That adds a whole new layer of difficulty, and naturally, that’s necessary to proceed to new houses.

Which is actually where one issue we had with the game came up. It might have been a fluke, but when we began, the game we played all the way through the first house, gaining the stars and solving some tricky puzzles. But for some reason when we finished and were ready to move on to the next house, the game would only show that we had cleared the first and last stages of the house– nothing in between. As a result, we had to replay all those levels over again.

Needless to say, while we were happy to do so the first time, being required to a second left us less than enthused. Again, it might have been a fluke or a glitch, and if it’s a real problem will no doubt be addressed quickly with an update, but it still warrants a mention.

Making matters worse are that the controls are amazingly tricky for something so simple. You have two actions you can perform: moving mirrors, and turning them. Unfortunately, as the controls are now, it can be difficult to do one without doing the other; when you go to turn a mirror, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself moving it instead, and vice-versa. And given how precise some puzzle solutions can be, with but a thread of light shining through in just the right way, it can be grating to have to reposition or readjust as needed.

Light The Flower

Still, it isn’t too bad; aside from losing points for taking longer, there’s no real penalty for not rushing. And it’s not a matter of reflexes– just patience. The puzzles can be pretty challenging, too, so clearing all five houses (with 12 rooms apiece, and a sixth house coming soon) should keep you occupied for a while. And if worse comes to worst, there’s an option to unlock all of the houses at once rather than going through them bit by bit—a good alternative if you get stuck.

In the end, thanks to some challenging puzzles and fun design, Light the Flower makes a good addition to one’s iPhone library of puzzle-esque games – even with the few problems we encountered.

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