Koala Rush Review – An Interesting Enough Endless Runner

By Harry Slater |

Koala Rush is an endless runner that throws in some conservationist themes and some interesting ideas to keep you on your toes. It’s not a perfect game, but it still manages to offer short, sharp bursts of slightly twitchy fun. 

Like a lot of endless runners, there are three lanes here, but they’re vertical rather than horizontal. You’re running from the left to the right of the screen and you need to collect leaves and avoid a variety of obstacles – from red hot fires to barrels of knives. 

There are up and down buttons on the left of the screen that let you change levels, and attack and roll buttons on the right that let you deal with the obstacles. If you pick up a poison vial, a heal button pops up and you need to press it quickly to avoid taking damage. 

When you’ve attacked three times you unlock a special move. Swipe on the screen and you’ll clear any destructible objects that you can see. There are boosts you can pick up too, that give you a temporary shield amongst other things. 

It’s all reasonably standard, especially to begin with when the going is slow and there aren’t that many things to avoid. As you progress, though, the game speeds up and throws ever more challenging waves of spikes, bombs and more that you need to bypass. 

Koala Rush is an interesting, challenging experience that’s going to keep your fingers a lot busier than your brain. It’s not the sort of game you’re going to way lyrical to your friends about, but it’ll keep you entertained in short bursts.

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